Hyundai Creta 2 — Announcement of the long-awaited premiere

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Soon domestic motorists are waiting for a significant event — the emergence of the second generation of the most popular crossover in the country. While the model information is kept by the manufacturer and dealers in strict secrecy, but there is already data on substantive updating and exterior, and the interior of the car. Users are waiting for a car on a new platform, with a changed appearance that has historically drawn some elements from the flagship Palisade. And also — innovative security systems.

And yet, despite the desire of the manufacturer, to warm up as much as possible the interest of the custom audience to the novelty, something about the model became known before the date of the presentation itself. Hyundai Creta increasingly began to get into the photo made by the «auto shipions» and is very similar to the fact that the premiere will take place very soon!

What could meet the meticulous journalists in those pictures that leaked into the network? It turns out that such a long-awaited novelty is not at all. Another 2 years ago, the car appeared in the PRC market, the truth called Hyundai IX25, and a little later, Korean autoconecern presented a model in India.

And only now has come the turn of our country. After all, he needs to establish local production at the Hönde Motor Manufecturing Rus under St. Petersburg.

Of course, the manufacturer stated that the second generation crossover in our country would be very different from those cars that they confidently conquer the two most extensive global automotive markets — Chinese and Indian! But the analysis of the available photos indicates the opposite: no revolutionary transformations happened, and the differences in the car will be purely symbolic: modified front optics, another grille, new lights and bumpers. In addition, Hyundai Creta 2 will add slightly in size compared to the predecessor.

Salon adapted under the Russian car market «Two» one in one looks like Chinese. Yes, and the options for the equipment of the engine / transmission, will be less.

But still, interest in the novelty does not fuss. It is one thing to brighten or read, and completely different — to see the crowd. We have Creta — the bestseller of the Russian market among cars class SUV. But the most interesting, the costs of Russians for the purchase of crossovers Hyundai Creta only last April amounted to 9.5 billion rubles. It is so many funds that customers spent on the purchase of 7,346 of these crossovers. And it was Creta that became the first in the Russian market in April to revenue from sales of cars-foreign cars.