Hyundai does not cease to amaze.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

A completely new Korean car Hyundai Santa Cruz only externally, the body shape resembles a pickup. In fact, we have a full-fledged crossover, which has kept all the settings of comfort, is beautiful in management and goes like a real parckarter!

To make sure that the chosen concept of the Hyundai autocontracean management has decided to start selling the new Santa Cruz in North America. We all perfectly known to the love of Americans to the pickles and if they recognize this car with their own, then there can be no talk about any speech crossover.

Already the first responses of users in the United States (as well as the reviews of authoritative publications, such as Consumer Reports, allowed the real picture. And the general opinion is such: Hyundai Santa Cruz is not a pick-up in a classical understanding. The car is ideal for those users who are crazy about crossovers, but in the lifestyle of them from the case of the case, the transportation of heavy, large-sized things in a spacious cargo compartment is required.

What kind of car on the go? Here, the cross-pickup shows excellent results and in terms of the chassis is no different from the classic crossover with the traditional body. The back of the body in motion behaves quite adequately and does not interfere with the driver to manage the car, turns smoothly in turn, neatly. In this case, the front does not seem to be overly heavy.

It is noteworthy that the only possible competitor Hyundai Santa Cruz is the American Ford Maverick, which in Russia is practically not found. So when the time comes and «Santa Cruz» will appear in the domestic market, it will not be analogs.

What is the user audience? Undoubtedly, the car will suit people who love active leisure and travel. In the body you can easily transport a different inventory and equipment, leaving in nature on weekends. Well, on weekdays you can move with the usual comfort in the city.

As for the «technical» component: now in the US, the model is offered with two versions of motors. Both have the same volume (2.5 liters), but differ in power. Atmospheric — 194 hp, and the turbocharged DVS «issues» 285 hp Included — 8-speed automatic transmission.

Well, the latter is the price. The scatter for the American user is large enough — from 25 to 42 thousand dollars. In terms of rubles — from 1.9 to 3.0 million