In Russia, they counted electric cars and found out what border they penetrate

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Today we are at the very beginning of the history of the era of the electromobilization of mankind. And this is not just high words. Information agenda, as we see today and on the Internet and in paper media, is simply overflowing with electric vehicles. Among this information flow, there is no no, there are also critical materials that cast a doubt on this trend, they write about the many risks of mass electric car. Nevertheless, as one of our leader said: «The process went.»

In developed countries of the world, the sale of electrocars in the Chinese People’s Republic of China, the charging infrastructure is developing, and the government policy is aimed at priority electromotive development.

Almost all the leading automakers stated that soon electrocars would prevail in the structure of their release. But we are interested in the question:

So, in the Russian Federation as of January 1, 2021 there were 10,836 electric vehicles. For the last creek crisis 2020, the park of these vehicles rose by 71%. For a fleet, this is a very high rate of speakers. If in the current year similar rates will be achieved, then the electric fleet will plunge into the next conditional bar — 20,000 electric cars.

True, the share of electric cars in the Russian park of passenger cars is very, very low. Recall that the domestic park today is 45 million units of vehicles. That is, the proportion of electrocars for today is 0.025%. Compare, in Germany, with a similar park in 44 million cars, electric vehicles numbered more than 310 thousand pieces, or 0.8%. At the same time, the electric vehicle market is also developing high rates.

The leader in the Russian fleet of electric vehicles is the Japanese company

But now passed for several years.

The vintage structure of the domestic fleet of electrocarbers is characterized by some unrealistic huge fraction in it of electromotivers of the Nissan brand — 83.48%. In absolute calculus, this is just over 9000 electrocars.

And where are the electric car leaders of the world? Share

Why is such a hypertrophied share of the Japanese brand Nissan? And in response to this question we are confronted with a purely Russian paradox. It turns out that the large fleet of electrocars falls on the Far East and Eastern Siberia.

The reason is that these right-hand drives are beneficial to import duties and taxes due to low rates. Also among the factors of such unexpected popularity call low electricity tariffs. In the Irkutsk region, for example, 1 kWh worth 1.2 rubles. And in Moscow more than 3 rubles.

From a little over 9000 Nissan Leaf, the overwhelming part is five-six-year run-up right-hand drive cars imported from Japan. According to our data, the operation of these Japanese electrocarves is unpaid. One charge for moving around the city is enough for 130-150 km during the warm period of the year, and in the cold period 60-80 km. Usually, the owner of such an electric car in the garage has a common passenger car.

That is, in the Russian Federation, the process of electromobilization was launched from the eastern regions. That is the paradox of the Russian electric car trend.

The remaining models of the Russian fleet of electric vehicles fall from several tens of up to several hundred electric cars. At the same time, very expensive cars belonging mainly to premium brands. And they are operated mainly in the capital agglomeration.

Below we give statistics in the tablet Top 10 models of electric vehicles in the fleet of the Russian Federation.