In the Union of Car Service, an Expert Council

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Guidelines of the Union of Car Service Represents material about its development. The Union of Auto Cereroters is working in different fields of protecting the interests of the industry. All that relates to all of us at the same time, finds addressees in the federal authorities. But very many of our questions are within the competence of the governments of the subjects of the Federation, municipal authorities.

Representatives of the authorities want to know about our problems, ready to help, listen. It is necessary to get into touch, to convey the point of view, to form an opinion on how our industry lives. To activate this work and enhance the professionalism of the service station, the development of regional union clubs, we created an expert council on July 20, 2021. Expert Council included 40 representatives of the industry.

The expert council will meet at least 1 time per month, to assist in achieving the goals, support, conduct agreed events, to help in solving regional issues. We already have experience and results and now it’s time to scalable.

As a result of the work of the Expert Council, close ties will be established with all regional authorities. Regional clubs of the Union of auto services will be launched for the unification of representatives of the industry. Work will be established on the exchange of experience and technologies, data and instruments, documents and decisions.

He heads Expert Council

Secretary of the Expert Council —