Independent Assessment Lada Xray — Let’s see how practiced the car


Not all of our compatriots can afford Lexus, Jaguar or BMW of the last model. Many are content with budget models, and the purchase of cars coordinate with issues of economic feasibility, practicality, availability of content, maintenance and repair.

All of the above is one of the reasons for which the demand for Russian-made cars continues to remain steadily high. Let’s look at Lada Xray. The final CROSS model is positioned by the manufacturer like a family car. Let’s see how good the car is, how much is going on and whether to compete with other brands.

A long test with a fundamental inspection of all major parameters LADA XRAY conducted specialists of one of the popular research agencies. The first thing professionals note: Togliatti car, which received the CROSS console is a completely different machine, and not just an improvement in the existing Lada Xray. True to buy cars will be a little more difficult, since the price has increased (essentially!).

Of the technical specifications, some important features can be noted. First of all — the absence of an alternative for a single 1.8 liter power unit, with a capacity of 122 hp Positively perceived by everyone, without exception, experts, an increase in the road lumen to 215 mm instead of 195 mm.

And after making some more constructive changes, Xray Cross externally began as much as possible with a full crossover. Standard restyling is not here, it can be seen that the design engineers seriously worked on the «crosse», and not just designers!

Suspension and chassis were substantially refined. L-shaped front levers suspended their practicality appeared, a new stabilizer is installed, rear suspension, etc. is upgraded.

Improved and the quality of finishing materials used in the interior. Special attention should be paid to the trunk. If you buy Xray as a family car, then one of the traditional tasks will be Saturday (or Sunday) shopping trip. For styling products, an average of a 361 liter trunk is provided in size. Places for boxes and packages are enough, and the fastening reliability will provide a grid that is fastened with hooks (provided in the basic configuration).

A small surprise for fans of the VAZ car was the function of the heating of the steering wheel, first applied on domestic production machines. Well, the salon itself has become better, modern, ergonomic and, of course, beautiful. Look:

The driving quality of the car has significantly improved. The steering wheel became clear, predictable, and control is comfortable!

Our opinion: Despite the increased cost of the car, Lada Xray will not go anywhere from the top list of AvtoVAZ models.