Inexpensive all-wheel drive cars (up to 1 000 000) — will you reach the finish?

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

In the Russian conditions of operation of cars, a four-wheel drive is not a luxury or balobiness, but due to necessity. Especially if you go beyond the metropolis or automotive highway federal significance. Ugaba and Koldybin, transforming in the off-road, it is better to overcome being confident not only in the reliability of the suspension, but also good patency.

That is why the car with full drive uses in domestic motorists high popularity. And with the onset of winter colds, the correctness of the choice has yet, the cuts can be confirmed by those car owners who made the right decision to buy a car with a full drive!

Let’s see what modern car market can offer? There is still still available (despite the substantial increase) all-wheel drive cars worth up to 1 million rubles. But this is Russian production. For foreign cars will have to pay extra in any case!

The first room among budget cars with full-wheel drive — Lada Niva Legend.

Despite the many improvements and a significant change in the title, we are still the same, classical «Niva»! Let noisy and voracious, not too spacious and definitely not high-speed. But it is on this car that one can safely move off the road on off-road and confidently overcome the most complex areas of the roads (without the help of the notorious tractor).

Engineers of the Togliatti Automobile Plant are trying to improve their «creation», breathe elements of modern technologies into it. Partly gets, for the most part — no! But the appearance of the car managed to improve significantly.

It will be more expensive to cost such a model, but the Yarym fans of the domestic auto industry can quite like. An increase in sales based on the results of the first quarter of this year is clearly indicative about the proceedable interest in the novelty.

Another inexpensive, but truly a good Russian car —

Of course, this machine has a four-wheel drive providing the highest level of patency. But the equipment is very poor. In addition to the windows, you can choose a model with an amplifier of the steering wheel and ABS. But it is probably all! Even the air conditioner in the cabin is still not! At the same time, the price of 2.7 liter all-wheel drive UAZ (135 hp) is much higher than that of Niva!

Do you need such a car — decide for yourself. In general, «Hunters» are considered sufficiently specific models that are in high demand exclusively at a certain category of motorists.

It is much better equipped with UAZ Patriot. This is a modern frame SUV with a fairly high (according to Russian standards) level of comfort. But the models with an automatic and a package of additional options go beyond the framework of the millionth budget.

And what kind of foreign cars? Are there cheap?

Among the inexpensive auto models with full drive should be noted:

Each of the above machines have its pros and cons. The popularity of Duster, for example, to understand easily.