Information on the implementation of individual projects for the introduction of hydrogen fuel in transport

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Currently, the number of companies dealing with the commercial supply of components of hydrogen fuel cells or FCEV builds, limited. Leading world automakers do not have a single opinion on this issue. While one develops the hydrogen direction, others, on the contrary, refused it. Of the specific projects mention deserve the following.

By August 2020, american company


In 2019, the company


In April 2020

Among other key companies developing cars with FCEV should be noted brands


In 2016, a new fuel element was introduced


Serial sedan model

However, the title of first mass FCEV is presented with a compact «PARQUITING»

Engines on hydrogen fuel cells are introduced on the railway — in Germany since September 2018 the train works

Material provided NTI «Autonenet»