International Forum «Autonenet»

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

On October 19, 2021, the International Forum «Avtonet» will be held — «Forum of Innovative Transport Technologies». This is an annual key event devoted to the development of highly automated transport, car digital services and transport and logistics services.

The forum will be attended by leaders and experts of automotive, transport, digital and telemmed sectors, operators of paid roads, representatives of regulatory bodies, state institutions and development funds, Russian offices of foreign vendors, heads of insurance and leasing companies, telematic equipment suppliers, carcharing operators, business and industry media.

As part of the forum, speakers will perform:

The main theme of the plenary session of this year will be the development of the market for advanced services and services based on intellectual systems, platforms and networks in the logistics of people and things. Moderator and Speaker Discussion will perform


Currently, the introduction of automation systems for transport management on the railway, in aviation, urban metro, logistics, agriculture, in the manufacturing and mining industries. Such technologies require changes not only the legal framework, but also infrastructure, and the consciousness of people. In his speech at the International Forum «AUTONET», I will present a point of view of a direct member of the digitalization of transport and logistics industries

On the section «Connected vehicles. V2X features. Autonomous Mobility «Industry experts will discuss the impact of V2x on the safety of road traffic and its role in the development of highly automated and unmanned vehicles. Also, the speakers will share their opinions about the prospects for the development of unmanned public transport in cities.

Another important topic of the forum will be the use of automotive data and the formation of the market for new services based on them. This will be devoted to the session «Innovative solutions and services based on data and artificial intelligence for ITS, new smart urban mobility. «Green» energy. Electric transport. » Also within the framework of the discussion, the speakers will discuss the potential of electric transport in terms of improving the ecology of cities and the features of the development and operation of electric transport in Russia.

The last section of the International Forum «Autonnet» will be devoted to the digitalization of transport logistics. Speakers session will discuss promising digital solutions in the logistics industry.

Also on the forum will be presented the prototype of the «Entry of Unpotnikov is prohibited».

The final chord will be the award ceremony of the winners of the annual AUTONET Awards 2021 award. The award is awarded to projects that have had a significant impact on the development of the autonometh market.