Is it possible to make a car without optics?


It would seem that it may be more stable and more familiar in the design of a modern car than traditional headlights of the near and far light, running lights, turn signals and other optics details! How can you go by car at night, in the dark? Without headlights, it seems nowhere!

In fact, of course, the global car industry has not yet come so far to completely abandon the refreshment of roads and feed light signals. The more interesting and the proposal made by the South Korean autoconecern looks original. Hyundai first among car giants has taken a new conceptual decision. The engineers of the subsidiary division of the Korean Corporation Hyundai Motors — Mobis presented a unique technology that allowed not just refreshing the interior of the car, but also make brand cars even more technologically!

Double Effect

The essence of innovation is to develop a new Hyundai radiator lattice, in the design of which the LED backlight is most organically integrated. It is important that such modernization did not worsened visibility, even on the contrary! Another breakthrough solution is to equip this part built into the air damper grid. Depending on the peculiarities of the road situation, the operating conditions of the car damper can open and close.

What are the prospects

Most likely, in the near future, luminous radiator grilles on the Hyundai brand will be used only on demonstration samples. Mass distribution, according to Korean engineers, this technology will receive only after the introduction of artificial intelligence, the appearance of the possibility of virtual communication between the car.

Engineers suggest that the glowing grill of the radiator will not only be used as a full optics, but also to perform a number of other functions, for example:

activation of a certain mode of operation;

control of the machine offline;

battery charging indicator (for electric vehicles);

Greetings on the road


In addition to the revolutionary change in the verge of car, the active flap will allow adjusting the cooling system in automatic mode. The result is a decrease in fuel consumption, improving environmental parameters.

There is a future technology, but unfortunately, quite distant. To buy a sedan or a Hyundai parquetor with a glowing grid of the radiator in Russia will not be exactly in the next 10-20 years.