Is it worth Hyundai Creta of their money?

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Based on the results of the last month (May 2021), the popular Korean Hyundai Creta Parcourt once again turned out to be at the top of the market. The car still confidently keeps the leading position in its segment and continues to be considered the most popular SUV on our, domestic market. Or maybe already not so confident?!

Increasingly, the experts first became more restrained, and then it is at all critically refer to this car, finding a huge number of flaws.

Of course, minuses can be found in any car, even in Yaguar the last modification, but here we are talking about a friend. It is important to understand how reliable is a new Hyundai Creta, and can this car become the first number for domestic motorists.

An interesting inspection of Hyundai Creta in Russia was held by our car mechanics, providing rather interesting information to reflect. During the test, the compact crossover Hyundai Creta was completely disassembled and carefully examined. As a result, certain shortcomings were identified in the design, which should be paid attention to:

On the bottom of the body, the anti-corrosion coating is only partially present and nothing will interfere with corrosion after a certain period of time «make your own business».

After inspection of door cards, the same flaw was identified — almost complete absence of anticorrosive and sealant.

Experts also recommend paying attention to the motor installed on Hyundai Creta. This is a standard 4-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 150 hp The distinctive feature of the power unit is the use of special oilballs. According to the plan of engineers-designers, such nozzles were supposed to protect the insides of the engine from the appearance of the scope. But in practice, the problem remained unresolved.

Significant disadvantages of Hyundai Creta automatic transmission were identified:

high sensitivity to the quality of the transmission fluid;

vibration at idle and under load;

Shone in motion.

There are, of course, the advantages of the Korean crossover Hyundai Creta. For example, excellent noise insulating protection of the engine compartment due to the use of sound-absorbing mats. Cozy, comfortable and fairly modern in the cabin. In the finish used high-quality materials.

Finally, the average Russian quite often decided to buy a kret, despite all its possible shortcomings and flaws.

Only one thing remains indisputable: the overestimated price for Hyundai Creta. In Russia, the minimum cost of the car — 1 million 130 thousand. Multimito!