Is it worth protecting the car from the heat and how to do it right?

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Summer Sample 2021 is still in full swing. But it will definitely remember with us unbearable heat and long-term heat, which for more than a month has us for strength. But if people can go into the shadow, hide from direct sunlight, drink cool water or kvass, turn on the fan, finally, for the car left under the sun, all this is not available. And the consequences for the car, which overheats in parquet near the shopping center or in the country, can be the most negative.

What could be the consequences of overheating of the car auto in the sun

A machine that stands for a long time on the sun can warm up from the inside to + 60 ° C, and the plastic of the outer panels is increasing and completely to + 80-90 ° C. Sit down in such a car is very difficult, discomfort in the first minutes is provided! The first decision is to open the doors, and during the movement — windows. But this leads to the appearance of flies in the salon, blinding, mosquitoes, dust and pollen. Pleasure dubious from such a partnership! Also do not forget about the possible discharge of harmful substances from hot plastic.

Auto abandoned in the sun for a long time, gradually «facing» problems. The paint and varnish coating will fade, plastic burns on the front panel, loses the «commodity» view of the insanity of the cabin, chairs, etc. All this is direct losses for the car and its owner. Sell an expensive such car will be difficult!

And experts pay attention to a really existing threat to the technical condition of the car.

What to do? We offer to use multiple useful tips, simple enough and easily performed. These so-called «Lifehaki» will help to avoid many problems and save their car in good technical condition. So remember:

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