Japanese auto parts TMI Tatsumi now in Russia

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Under the TMI Tatsumi brand, the Japanese company Tanaki releases parts and spare parts for Japanese cars, as well as Korean and European production. In 2020, the management of the company decided to expand the geography of presence, and from March 2021 car accessories under the trademark TMI Tatsumi became available on the Russian market.

The distinctive characteristics of TMI Tatsumi autocomponents are:

In the process of production of auto parts TMI Tatsumi, special attention is paid to the exact compliance of the products manufactured by the technical characteristics of the original components. All products, including consumables (for example, used lubricants), is designed for use with heavy load and in aggressive conditions — with high vibrations, temperature drops, etc. The use of modern technological solutions and the use of high-quality materials as raw materials allows us to increase the service life and reliability of products manufactured.

The company’s specialists closely monitor new trends in the development and innovation, for the development of a fleet and regularly actualize the range of proposed spare parts in accordance with the needs of car owners.

At the moment, the TMI Tatsumi range has more than 12,000 articles, among which there are important commodity groups like brake system, transmission, cooling system, suspension and steering, filters, belt drive, electric equipment, automotive lamps, wiper brushes, automotive fasteners and much more. Each commodity group is characterized by a number of technical features used in the production of parts included in it.