JP GROUP turbocharger — where reliability is needed

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Think about the air that we breathe: we breathe it exactly as much as it is necessary. Subject to the absence of factors affecting normal respiration, there are no problems. The same can be said about the air supply system in cars: to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the engine, high-quality air is vital to sufficient quantities, by analogy with the human body. After all, the air supply system is a lung engine.

Many gasoline and diesel engines establish turbocharger — superchargers for forced air supply. Through such air supplies significantly increases the amount of atmospheric air entering the combustion chamber (in comparison with the engines not equipped with superchargers).

Turbocompressors make it possible to significantly increase productivity in low-power engines, while making the car control is more comfortable and safe.

The air injection system, like the fuel system, affects the operation of the engine as a whole. It consists of several components and differs depending on the type of fuel used in the engines. The system (in the minimum set) consists of the following components:


Heated air cooler

Lubrication circuit.

Cooling circuit for gasoline engines.

This is not a complete list of components of the air discharge system. Oil tubes, cooling system tubes, air nozzles, radiators (intercooler, aftercooler), air filter, air intake, exhaust recycling valve, turbocharger recirculation valve — all these parts are also components of the system and affect the correctness of the engine and the car.

If the engine has fallen, equipped with a turbocharger, it is important to find out the cause of the fault. Very often it is the turbocharger that becomes the last link in the fault chain and in the end affects the operation of the engine. How and why does this happen?

The supervision system has a number of electronic components, for example, supercharged pressure sensors, combined temperature and pressure sensors.
If a malfunction occurs in the air injection system, you need to check the correctness of the installation and connecting the supply circuits, the integrity of the sensor wiring, the serviceability of the filter and the cooling radiator, the integrity and passability of air-water, nozzles, etc.

After that, they check the turbocharger for damage.

Next, check the characteristics of the system components to match the engine specification. Thus, the pressure pressure for most diesel engines is 0.6-0.8 bar, and for gasoline 0.6-1.0 bar. Excessive or insufficient pressure can cause a system malfunction or engine, as well as lead to the failure of the system components.

Installation of components should be made by qualified personnel of authorized STR using recommended consumables and technical fluids.

JP Group supplies turbochargers for most passenger cars of world manufacturers and offers about 300 articles (their list is constantly expanding). The distinctive feature of the JP Group turbocharger is cast hulls that are tested for tightness, which eliminates the appearance of air shells. A specially treated surface of the unit ensures optimal air flow. All units are equipped with a metal label with the engraved JP Group number and the logo. You can always distinguish the JP Group from the fake.

All turbochargers are supplied with the necessary installation materials and oils for the initial start, instructions, as well as a certificate of testing an aggregate at the factory.

JP Group is constantly in contact with distributors of its products and responds quickly to technical requests, providing timely assistance and advice.

About company

JP Group is a Danish company that has long been known in the Russian market. The history of the company began in 1974, when there were 3 people in the staff, and the product line consisted of 2 articles. Time passed. Now there are more than 300 people in the company, and products are exported to more than 90 countries of the world. The assortment program includes over 20,000 articles on all product groups, ranging from the glands and hoses for Skoda, ending with silencers and heat exchangers for exclusive collectible Porsche. One of the popular groups has long been turbocharger. Their amount in the range is constantly growing, as well as accompanying parts — hoses, oil pipelines, gaskets, etc.