KAMAZ 2025 — Announced the appearance of trucks

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The manufacturer of trucks, the domestic plant KAMAZ will be the first company in our country, which will launch a unmanned project for the carriage of goods.

In the press, the information was leaked that the start of the project was scheduled for the period 2024-2025., More precisely, it is still unknown. Information about what international car tracks is also being selected for the implementation of the pilot project. But also it is just known that the drone trucks will move on public roads.

By the way, information can be completely trusted, since it shared one of the leaders of the autocontraser — the chief designer of innovative cars KAMAZ S. Nazarenko. The conversation with journalists took place in the course of the discussion «The world through the eyes of the drone»

Recall that last year the testing of an unmanned truck began, which called the experienced name «Odyssey». While KAMAZ is running without a driver only on the territory of the plant. The machine differs significantly from standard samples, first of all, due to the presence of a large number of installed sensors: cameras and radar. No measure is saturated and the communication system using not only industrial Wi-Fi, but also 4G, as well as the ultra-screwing range (spare option).

Designers of the largest domestic producer of trucks work not only over the improvement of technical, running, power parameters. Special attention is paid to the so-called «smart» technologies. One of them is a digital instructor that allows you to train the driver in relevant driving in real time. A unique program will track the main parameters of the trip and at the end to put the driver assessment. At the same time, the driver will receive advice on how to spend less fuel during a trip or trucking.