KAMAZ-6561: Power and power of the domestic dump truck


Especially for work on the careers, a powerful and super-duty dump truck KAMAZ Hercules was developed. The management of the autocontraser fully declassified the model of the truck, publishing not only colorful, spectacular photos, but also specifications.

Hinged-articulated KAMAZ received a digital marking of 6561, its base configuration involves the use of the chassis with the wheel formula 6×6. This means that all 6 wheels will be leading, and the use of the articulated frame will ensure the increase in the power and passability of the truck.

The manufacturer called direct competitors with whom Hercules will compete:

American dump truck Caterpillar 740;


An interesting technical solution was applied by developers of a domestic heavy duty dump truck. Now the diesel engine will not directly connect with the wheels, only indirectly through the generator. The engine twists the generator, which, in turn, charges the massive battery. The latter, in turn, provides the power of traction motor-wheels. The scheme, at first glance, is complicated, but it is precisely such installations that are most effective and economical during operation in careers.

Several accurate digits:

By the way, the manufacturer’s plans to release a «lightweight» version of the dump truck, with wheel formula 4×4. It will be designed for carrying capacity of 25 tons.

The scheme used in constructing the car’s design is called a «serial hybrid». In fact, it is an autonomous electric car, which is capable of working long enough to work offline, without requiring recharging from the external network.

Additional advantages to the new Hercules dump truck ensures the use of the articulated frame. There is a reduction in the probability of hanging wheels when driving around rough terrain, as well as a reduction in the load on the carrier system of the car.

In the design of Kamaz Hercules, a lot of advanced, innovative technologies were used.