KAMAZ Compass — New Freight Market Player RF

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

An interesting novelty of the Russian auto industry will appear this fall. In the very near future, the production of the newest Truck «Compass» from the largest auto industry of Russia reported the Director General of KamAZ Sergey Kogogin. During the press conference following the results of the exhibition ComTrans-2021 in Moscow, he announced the start of sales, and until the end of 2021.

The assembly of the novelty will be carried out at the main enterprise of autohydigant in Naberezhnye Chelny. It is noteworthy that until the very last time all information about the new truck was maximally classified. For the first time our channel

The first mention of the model and modifications of the «compass developed» appeared more than 2 years ago — at the end of 2019. And promoted the new family of bogin, indicating the preparation of a whole line of small and medium-room cargo cars.

Soon we will see a whole «placer» of cars with the following basic parameters: the range of carrying capacity from 1.5 to 6.89 tons, the length of the side from 3.23 to 7.2 m.

A total of 5 modifications of the «Compass» car full of 3/5/7 / 9 and 12 tons will be prepared. It is noteworthy that older trucks will be published first. Therefore, the «nine» was demonstrated by the general public at the ComTrans exhibition.

Further, the expanded presentation of the new model was shown at the end of September at the exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Machine Builder and organized in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The new «compass» is a Chinese cabin from the popular and tested truck time of the brand JAC. There are variations with a sleeping place and without it. Engine — Cummins ISF3.8S5168, 3.8 liters and 154 hp. In this case, the total mass of the car is 9.5 tons. Perhaps, perhaps, note a few more characteristic differences in an externally attractive truck. In the design of the chassis, a two-sheet Oshinovka is applied, and the transmission is built on the basis of the 6-speed MCPP FAST GEAR.

The new truck has branded outlines of the radiator grille. Blocks of the front headlights of the round shape gave the model of novelty and freshness. Unfortunately, the cabin is not so good, perhaps even a little outdated. But, however, quite high quality. The main thing was not necessary to develop «from scratch». It has already become a KAMAZ tradition to try on sidewalls foreign cabins.

To be honest, from Our «Our» here only branded emblem on the steering wheel.

In the cockpit, many plates and inscriptions with hieroglyphs and places, even without translation. But the inscriptions on the lid of the fuel tank’s neck sounds like this: «refuel only with the right fuel.»

Cummins power unit is well known for service centers. So there will be no problems with maintenance, repair, as well as spare parts. And this is not the last good news. It turns out that the installation on the compass-9 Chinese components has its own logic. Such a «borrowing» with the assembly in Naberezhnye Chelny will be carried out only at the initial stage of the car. Subsequently, it is planned gradual, but a complete transition to domestic nodes, details, systems and aggregates.

«Rich» basic equipment

Compass-9, compared with its direct competitor, will be very well equipped and equipped. Already in the database, Russian car owners will be opened full access to the following options:

a convenient «spare» holder with a simple and reliable removal / installation mechanism;

rear-view mirrors heated;

a pair of highly efficient foglights;

bright and reliable halogen headlights;

adding convenience and comfort control cruise control;

adjustable in two planes (on the departure and angle of inclination) steering column;

Modern audio system with control on the steering wheel;

air conditioning;

power windows;

secondary folding seat;

Shelves with grids over the windows.

Interestingly, the car will be Russian, naturally ask, but is there in the car Details made in our factories? It turns out that you can find such elements. This, as previously noted, anterior mask, consisting of a pair: Radiator grille / Kamaz signboard, as well as a set of front optics and an Akb drawer cover.