KAMAZ puts on progressive


At the upcoming COMTRANS exhibition, which will open in Moscow, will be presented a very rather long exposition.


But, nevertheless, it is not necessary to break away from the earthly needs of ordinary freight and show new samples of cargo machinery, which will first be presented to a broad stakeholder audience. KAMAZ actively develops the K5 line, and at the exhibition of 2021 in the company’s expositions can be seen of the new generation of KAMAZ-65951 (8×4), KAMAZ-65959 (6×6) and KAMAZ-65953 (8×8). According to the manufacturer, the key features of the KAMAZ generation of K5 is a reinforced frame and reinforced leading bridges, designed for an axial load of 16 tons, a comfortable cabin on a four-point spring suspension.

But let’s start a brief overview, perhaps, from the saddle tractor, which will transport the nefhas dump truck. On domestic roads and highways today, such a technique is often found. Therefore, first of all, the builders will be interested in the newest domestic tractor of the new generation K5 —


But the Kamaz-54907 «Continent» will become Kvintesesen’s exposition. About him today knows the following. The total mass of the car is 19300 kg, the full mass of the road train is 44000 kg. The car installed the KAMAZ R6 engine, 460 hp and automated gearbox with RETADDER ZF 12TX2621TD. Wheel formula 4×2.

But the semi-trailer is unusual.

Its full mass of 39,000 kg, the number of axes / wheels — 3/6 + 1. Height of SSU tractor — 1150 mm. Capacity of Europdon — 33 pcs. Platform volume 84 cubic meters And the most unusual is a set of solar modules on the roof of the semi-trailer (system of generating solar energy); aerodynamic plastic kit with an improved aerodynamic resistance coefficient; An assistance system is installed (ADAS).

Thus, we turn to the trends of technical progress, which at the exhibition exposition of Kamsky Auto Giant will personify the hydrogen buse, or more correctly «Waterbus».

As we can see for this type of passenger vehicle, the buses of the bus of the new generation of nefhas took the buses of the bus, but everything was changed inside. It took this in order to place 6 cylinders for storing compressed hydrogen, which provide him with a turn of 250 km. Overall dimensions of KAMAZ water buss 12400х2550х3400 mm. The passenger capacity is 80 people., The number of seats — 33-35. And the power of hydrogen power installation is 45 kW.

The autohygoant will also provide a cargo version of the hydrogen car. This is the side car KAMAZ-65208 with hydrogen fuel cells of the wheel formula 6×2. His reserve is 500 km. The automaker speaks of lower operating costs, in comparison with diesel counterparts, and the time of refueling is only 10 minutes.

And in the conclusion of our brief overview, another exhibit is trolleybus from Kamaz. It was already presented at the St. Petersburg exhibition of urban electric transport in June, but still it is worth mentioning about him, if we started the ecological trend. Just in the country, a blank niche was formed, after the Engels company from the Saratov region «Trolza» ordered a long time to live. In trolleybus niche rushed today

What will be presented to KAMAZ? This is a new trolleybus model with an index «62825». Again, the body of a new generation of nefhaz is used, with a capacity of 85 passengers. The feature of the Kama trolley bus in the autonomous course, which can reach 20 km. It is convenient for the formation of routes where the contact network is not laid.

In addition to trolley buses, among the exhibits, the NEFAZ-5299-31-57 suburban bus, which operates on a compressed gas, articulated by KAMAZ-6292, electromusor agencies, KAMAZ-53198 (pure philagin), etc.

In general, these and other exhibition samples of KamAZ will be seen at the ComTrans exhibition. And who will not fall to her, the profile publication will tell about these cars and trolley buses.