KAMAZ + Urals is the power and strength of the Soviet Auto industry

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

In the early 70s of the last century, a powerful, reliable, technological and promising domestic auto industry has developed and launched one of the best domestic (and undoubtedly world) trucks of the Ural 4320. This car was the fate of the most destiny for the «great car» future!

The new 5-ton diesel Ural was built on the basis of the «Ural 375D» tested. All major components and aggregates were borrowed from the predecessor who worked on a gasoline motor. A new diesel car not only learned all the most good from the time-tested all-terrain time, but also became much better, more reliable, more economical and more efficient.

The transition to diesel was due to the realities of time. The choice of Yamz-740 Yaroslavl diesel power unit became the result of numerous tests, checks and, of course, improvements. As a result, at the end of 1977, the Ural-4320 trucks began to leave the conveyor, which immediately went to the troops. Success car was provided!

In the design of a powerful truck of increased lifelidity, there were many unique solutions for their time: from the designer (radiator grille with characteristic slots located in the vertical direction), to purely technical:

increase in the power of the engine to 210 hp;

Improving manageability

equipping with a powerful 9-ton winch;

improving the comfort for the driver, etc.

Ural-4320 has become one of the main «work horses» in the war, which had to lead the whole 10 years in Afghanistan. And the car with honor passed all the tests.

Ural 4320 continues to be operated in the troops. On the base chassis built numerous special cars, watch buses and other techniques of increased traffic.

Work on improving the design and modernization of the car, the Urals 4320 continued throughout the operation time of a heavy truck. It so happened that the basic chassis of the Urals perfectly approached the power unit produced on the Kamsky Automobile Plant.

Ural-4320 — a visual example of how different automakers can not only compete, but also cooperate for the benefit of the Fatherland! True, little remarchka. Such a mutual execution could only be in the Soviet policy planning economy.