Kamazu remained three years


Three years later, the fourth-generation kamaz will leave the market.

Do not be afraid, the Kama cargoge will continue to live and work. It will go to history only one of the main cars of the model range

Stripping from this transition and built KAMAZ’s production plans.

According to the plan, this year will be released

KAMAZ-5490 tractor, and other options for trucks created at its base, so they will fulfill their mission and their destination, and will go up in history, giving way to the next generation of cargo equipment of the Kamsky Auto Giant.

And about how the mission was prepared by the fourth generation of Kama trucks, told in his long interview (from 2013 from the magazine «Expert») Head of Kamaz Sergey Kogogin.

Recall, he then complained that the Kama Autohyda had a very low share in the segment of the country’s tractor market (2-3%). A niche of long-distance transportation in those years was actually occupied by representatives of the «large European seven», leaving Kamaz miserable interest.

Kogogin set the task of mastering and increasing the production of generation K4 (model 5490). The purpose of this project should be such positions in the Russian market, in which every fourth tractor sold in the Russian Federation would have been a kama production.

This task today has been completed.

But back to the plans on the fifth generation. During a couple of years, the production of almost the entire model range will be launched. Flagship model — KAMAZ-54901 truck tractor has already been produced. Next, another kamaz-65659 truck tractor, as well as chassis -65658. Followed by them will be mastered

Since the full-fledged organization of the release of the fifth generation truck is associated with some difficulties, then in this transition period 2021-2024, two families of different generations will be produced in parallel, with increasing the release of K5 cars.

According to Sergey Kogogina, the KAMAZ general director, today the company sees the need to expand the production of motors and in achieving 100% localization of production of cabins. Our canal


Last year, the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin laid in Kostanay (formerly Kustanay) the first stone in the foundation of a new plant for the production of cast iron for the details of KAMAZ cargo techniques. The main products of the new plant should be the blocks of cylinders and heads of the blocks of engines, as well as cast carcase bridge. It is also planned to build another factory for the production of main gears of leading bridges for various families of KAMAZ trucks. Both plants are planned to be launched in 2024.