Lada for export — why we were deprived of all the best


The younger generation of motorists may not believe that only 30 years ago, our domestic Lada Samara enjoyed quite high popularity and sustainable demand abroad. Cars in large quantities were supplied to many countries of Western Europe, but also to other countries and even continents.

But there was one characteristic features in all these cars sent to export. Dealers working abroad have been modified by our «VAZ-2108» and «VAZ-2109» so that the «eights» and «nines» correspond to the tastes and requests of local users.

We suggest see how our cars were modified, redesigned under a foreign motorist. And, of course, we will ask for a question: what prevented all these innovations to introduce in their own country? Is the planned economy? Or so do not like their citizens ….


Here is such an interesting version of the body offered to our compatriots West German Company Deutsche Lada. The car with a removable rear of the roof received an interesting name Lada Samara Fun. The dealer managed to sell more than 600 such open cars.

Number 2: Lada in Belgium.

It was here that our «eight» managed to achieve those heights that no Russian car could overcome, becoming a full-fledged convertible. Here is:

Perhaps it will seem to you that the car is somewhat «angular» and tasteless. We ask not to forget: this is the 90s of the last century. Moreover, in Belgium, this car was given a beautiful female name Natasha. It perfectly suitable for a pleasure car, associated with femininity and tenderness. In total, more than 450 such Natashes were built, which is almost 10 times more than Lada Samara Fun.

Visited Lada and in Australia. It was here that the car was assigned the role of a real «workhorse» .Vaz-2108 Lada Bizivan was used here as a utilitarian van. The G8 was able to accommodate and transport to any distances to 1 cube. m of goods.

You can not believe, but our «VAZ-2108 and 2109» have taken root even in Britain. They were specifically reworked into the right-hand drive cars. Machines under the name Juno were sold in the UK only during 1995, then dealer centers were closed.

An important distinctive feature of the model is the original aerodynamics, unique body kit, and also alloy wheels R-14.

But the only western version of «Nine» was the greatest success — Lada Samara Baltic. She was produced for 3 years (1996-1998) in Finland and was intended to buyers of Western Europe. The appearance did not differ little from car overseas automakers. True, at that time they began to move on biodiesign characterized by smooth lines of the body.