Lada will soon «come together» with Romanian Dacia.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Surely, when the head of Renault Luka de Meo announced the creation of a new Lada-Dacia business unit, many domestic motorists frowned. Well, they lived, with some Romanian Dacia «merge» the domestic brand, depriving her individuality. And they did the utbitual conclusion — the end of the Russian car came.

Our channel decided to see an objective view on our new partner and understand, will this union be bad? And we discovered a lot of interesting things for themselves, what you and decided to share.

In fact, the Romanian brand has even something to learn. But first, we note that the Romanian brand Dacia («Dacia») almost exactly repeats the history of the creation and development of the Domestic Lada brand. In the capitalist country, a license was purchased for the production of a car under his own brand. As well as on AvtoVAZ, where copies of FIAT-124 were produced with the name «Zhiguli» and in Romanian pitestitis, accurate copies of Renault-9 cars were produced, and then Renault-12 under a brand name with proud name Dacia (Dacia — Country of Ducks, tribes, and subsequent Mixed with the Romans). Our channel told about

As well as on AvtoVAZ, licensed models made several decades, actually without changing, or minor changes were made. But after the collapse of the socialist system, in 1999, the Romanian brand bought the French automaker Renault, and then in 2008 the French began to participate in the capital of AvtoVAZ in 2008. This is how the invisible thread appeared, connecting two previously independent automakers.

Why Dacia Moroccan Beach

In fact, Dacia cars are assembled not only in Romania. Even at the beginning of the last decade in 2012, a modern plant in the town of Tangier was built in Morocco. Its capacity is comparable to the volume of cars produced in AvtoVAZ. In 2019, 300 thousand cars were collected here. According to the Renault website in the dock for 2019, 156 thousand pieces were collected so popular in Europe Hatchback

Now let’s ask yourself if Morocco as a country with which the European Union has a free trade zone and produced at its factories in Tangier and Casablanca can freely export to the European market whether it can in the same way to produce LADA cars and export them to the European Union? Apparently, no obstacles for this exist. What do you think?

Romanian Heath

But back to our Romanian partner AvtoVAZ and his Romanian playground. Romania, as is well known, in 2007 entered into the European Union. This fact provides Dacia all the privileges and responsibility of the European automaker. And the rules are torn to the automaker to look at electric vehicles. And already on sale the electric car Dacia Spring. Surely AvtoVAZ as a partner and do not have to invent your electric car.

But back to the characteristics of the Romanian company

What is the actual Romanian Dacia. Today it is the main platform for the release of Dacia Duster budget crossovers. Again, we fell into a docking 2019 year, the release of crossovers reached the volume of 263 thousand pieces. This is a very large volume of release for one model. In addition, Logan, Logan-Universal, Sandero and Sandero Stepway are also released here, however, in smaller quantities than on the Moroccan enterprise.

The produced model line of Dacia cars is crowned by the car pyramid. But complements all this production of motors, gearboxes and other auto components. Only engines on the Romanian enterprise Dacia produced more than 537 thousand pieces in that very 2019. Our AvtoVAZ scale is more compromised. It is clear that in addition to Romanian need to provide a Moroccan enterprise. These are modern Renault H4BT, H4DA (0.9 liter volume and 1.0 l), by the way, the old Motor K7M is still manufactured, which comes to AvtoVAZ for the current Renault Logan / Sandero line.

Also release the gearboxes of models — TL4, TL8, TS4 in volumes comparable to the release of engines. That is, Dacia has its own set of force aggregates.

In fact, this is Renault’s investment in their «daughter». We hope that AvtoVAZ as a subsidiary may hoped for the same investments in the aggregate base.

In AvtoVAZ, according to information, leakage and enterprise, while while designing new models will bet on motors as their own development (1.6 and 1.8 liters), as well as in production atmospheric H4M (1.6 liter , 113 hp).

Here is such a partner now from our AvtoVAZ. What cooperation ties are embodied between the banks of the Volga and the foothills of the Carpathians, everything will happen before our eyes for several years.