Lada Xray — Is it possible to breathe life in the face of the car

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The modern domestic cross-hatch Lada Xray appeared on the market in 2016 and almost immediately occupied the place in the list of the most popular models. Of course, like any other machine (especially, if this is a product of the Russian car industry) there are fans and tick critics. One like everything, another — nothing! So also happens. But if you summarize the advantages and discard the disadvantages that can be discarded only one question: is it possible to make Xray more stylish, modern, attractive?

The detailed answer, as before, was able to give «folk craftsmen.» Moreover, they reinforced their refinement with high-quality photo report. Let’s see what was able to change for the better.

Fundamental solution

For restyling Xray, a factory version of the car was taken, and the refinement is aimed at solving two main tasks:

1) Change the appearance on the more stylish, modern.

2) «Implement» into the design is safe for road driving wheels.

Initially, the car presented above was the standard model of the LADA XRAY crossover from a mechanical gearbox, an economical motor volume of 1.6 liters and 106 hp. There were no problems with a new car, all the nodes, systems and aggregates worked flawlessly. But the surrounding nevertheless treated the car with an obvious disregard for one simple reason — this is a product released by AvtoVAZ!

And then the car owner decided to transform his Xray. The following changes were made to the machine design:

Installed a new exhaust pipe with increased to 51 mm diameter.

Selection of new wheels and tires. In order not to disturb the 30-inch wheels in return for the full-time 15-inch using a special set of spacers.

Used new screw type suspension, designed for Toyota Altezza.

Changed the corner of the collapse due to an increase in bolt holes.

Made and installed wheeled arches of the appropriate size. This work was helped by the Tuning-Atelier specialists who know the sense in such «modifications».

As a result, I was fully understood by a good restyling Xray. You can at least now on the conveyor!

But it is only wishes. As recently stated the head of the Lada Xray project, Oleg Grunhenkov will not be any restyling of this model. She will distort his life cycle. His mission for AvtoVAZ and the brand Lada Cross-Hatch performed. And more from it is not required.

As you can see, Lada Xray can become an excellent tuning tool for drifters, etc.