Lesjöfors supplier of a full range of springs

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Components for which brands and models of cars are most in demand by customers in Russia in your assortment basket?

The range of Lesjöfors on the screw springs, standard and strengthened, today is represented by the largest offer on the Russian market. Quarterly, our range is updated with new articles, i.e. Common demand is represented by multi-brand cars of cars. If we talk about the volumes, then traditionally foreign dominant car brands on the Russian market show the best result — it is usually Japanese, Korean and German brands.

Do you observe the reorientation of consumers in the budget segment or, on the contrary, the strengthening of the positions of special products? Why?

The client is initially oriented to the price. However, this trend should not seriously affect the pendant springs market. After all, the spring is not the product on which it is worth saving. Its replacement itself is expensive, and the failure threatens the breakdown of related components. The main thing to convey the benefit of using quality products to the end user — car owner. And this benefit is obvious: take the price of the spring, we add to this the cost of work and the manufacturer’s guarantee or supplier — and «at the output» price of the ownership of the spring Lesjöfors at 3 years will be several times lower than that of the original and economy brand. And if you pay attention to the percentage of warranty appeals, it is very small, throughout the group it is less than 0.03%.

In recent years, the structure of demand from professional players (one hundred, retail stores) has changed?

By increasing competition, the market will change qualitatively, becoming more civilized. This will contribute to the rapid development of independent maintenance networks: due to the crisis, they received a serious stimulus to grow. The awareness of the market participants will increase, the specialists will better understand the selection of spare parts, will learn better segment customers and increase their loyalty through the proposal of those or other autocomponents. And clients will be much stronger to clients. Lesjöfors independently and with other manufacturers regularly conducts trainings, seminars and webinars, which introduces customers with the peculiarities of springs, springs and gas stops. Separately, I want to mention the guarantee: Recall that it is 3 years.

First of all, we look towards Chinese cars. Their number has recently increased, and some Chinese brands of cars even localized their production. Recently, the originals often do not satisfy the needs of motorists, so Lesjöfors develops the necessary spring for the market and complements the proposals for enhanced springs (alternative to the standard) for the rear axle of cars.

For us, it is still very important to remain a reliable partner. And this means providing our partners to a high level of service in all components: this is the availability, and quality, and comfortable working conditions and, as a result, a stable high income when working with our product.

Choose high-quality lesjöfors springs and enjoy driving!

According to the materials of the conversation with the representative of the company, the marketer — analyst Sergey Chumakov