Little Taos Crossover from Volkswagen — will be a bestseller in Russia


The long-awaited event is a presentation of VW Taos, which in early June of the month passed in Moscow, can be called with a complete basis. This crossover promised us back in 2019. The leaders of the VW concern, on one of the presentations of this model in Argentina, said that the crossover from the German brand would be global. And on the world map presented by the world, Russia was shaded as an area of sales Volkswagen Tharu. C then, both specialists and motorists were as a certain extent were interested in a novelty. But today there is an opportunity to get to know much closer.

While the German automaker promotes Taos crossover, promising to make it most affordable for a wide range of motorists. The exact price of the car is not yet indicated, but the secret will be revealed no later than August. At about the same time, acceptance of the application for the purchase of the model will begin.

Interestingly, besides the price can become attractive and interesting for Russian motorists?!

It is also important to understand that the analogue of Taos (Tharu) is already at least a couple of years riding on the roads of China, India, North and South America. It has come (as always, with the receipt) and our time!

Constructive features

The base of the car is the MQB modular architecture. Exactly the same as a compact crossover

From «Senior Brothers» Volkswagen Tiguan and Teramont: Taos crossover received:

a characteristic embossed hood;

overlays on the bumper of silver color;

exhaust false nozzles made in the form of a trapezium;

LED running lights.

For the top configuration, a unique light finish of the radiator grille is invented: the light strip is separated from the logo.

Motors TAOS in Russia

Here for motorists are provided for the following variants of power units:

1.6 liter atmospheric with a capacity of 110 hp (front-wheel drive) with 5-speed mechanics or 6-speed automata;


As for technical equipment, as well as other features, then nothing unique German engineers invented. All template, standard, verified.

In this, on the one hand, strength, and on the other — the weakness of the model.

As a result, increased interest (if it is) Volkswagen Taos is solely due to the stated price available.

Will the new car class SUV or not?