Machine «New Time» — Oka 2024. Now in the form of a crossover


Often in the automotive press there are materials in which the authors dream of certain trends in the development of the model line of different automakers. Our channel is trying not to write such things, but to put in their materials only proven facts. But sometimes it is curious to look at such fantasies. Here is an example of one such idea about the revival of the «Oka» car as a crossover. (In brackets we ask «prickly» questions).

The management of AvtoVAZ perfectly understands what the demand for crossovers in Russia is now. The fact that the only model of the autocontraser, Lada X-Ray does not withstand no competition with other models. What is undertaken asking the authors?

Currently, active work is underway to create the concept of a new model, but much already knows (the question is — who knows?).

The first thing is the name of the car — the new VAZ «Oka» 2024! There are already several photos that managed to get and submit to journalists. (Organized leakage from NTC AvtoVAZ or invented?)

While all photos are only an assumption. But on them you can make a general picture and understand which car is being prepared to release the leading Russian autocontracene AvtoVAZ as the main competitor to Koreans, Japanese, Europeans and, of course, the Chinese!

(And with the headquarters of Renault, this process of creating a universal «soldier» is agreed? For whose money it will be created?)

Brand new design. Even in the Spyware, the photos that managed to find on the network (so still leak or fantasy from the network?), We can safely declare that this car will be completely different from all that earlier released at factories in Russia. In appearance, you will not see any acute corners, a characteristic feature — smooth, streamlined forms. In this case, the overall impression of the body design is the most positive. The main thing is that by the time of the output of the car in the series the model has become better, and not worse what is visible now.

Car profile emphasizes the sporty style of the crossover. And large wheeled arches are made by analogy with the popular Japanese Toyota RAV4. The clearance of the new Oki 2024 is quite high. But if the developers do not finalize the structure, then the car will most likely receive only front-wheel drive. And, accordingly, the possibility of riding only on a flat asphalt. The lack of a full drive is not what domestic motorists are waiting for. (Yes, they will simply take four-wheel drive from the promising Lada Niva 2024, just who will give?).

Platform for a promising car — CMF-B-LS. Her autoconecern plans to use for all subsequent models. In the meantime, the motor gamma for OKI 2024 will be preserved — «atmospheric» 1.8 l with a capacity of 122 hp The possibility of installing 1.6 H4M motor is being worked out.

There is another assumption — perhaps a new eye is a full-fledged domestic electric car.

In general, as you can see, some riddles and assumptions. True, in 2024 AvtoVAZ promises to roll out a new Lada Niva, it is at Renault Groupe who has very big plans, including export. Indeed, including the first-wheel drive car on the basis of the French platform CMF-B with high ground clearance. Will the OK-2024 crossover be created in parallel, we have very big doubts.

Today in cinema, artistic literature there are many works in the style of «fantasy». In them, the authors put their heroes into some situations in the future, and in general they can change the course of history in the plot. As you can see, this style has not passed and the automotive press. Surely a pleasant to dream, and having the opportunity to draw a new model, you can even make an outline of plausibility.