MAZ will answer the KAMAZ «compass

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Minsk Automobile Plant Apparently did not specifically showed at the beginning of September, the exhibition Comrtrans-2021 its new medium-room surrounded

A new product in the line of Minsk Automobile Plant — MAZ-365120. Its full weight is 7500 kg.

Today we are watching an interesting trend. As a basis in this class, Chinese developments are taken. We will not again remind that the cabins have Russian trucks from Chinese Jac and Foton. By the same way, the Belarusian automaker went. Only here are still precipitated.

At the last presentation for the Day of the Machine Builder in Minsk, it turned out that the new truck of the Minsk Automobile Plant is a copy of the Chinese SHACMAN DELONG K3000. Immediately it was stated that the MAZ would produce such cars under their own brand. As you can see, the cooperation of the Republic of Belarus — the PRC is growing and developing.

While MAZ presented an application for entering this class of cars. MAZ-365120 is an experienced sample. Until the end of this year, it is necessary to hold it certification. Then the production and sale will begin.

The medium-room MAZ-365120 is the Minsk answer to growth in the class of delivering city trucks, which today belongs to Isuzu, Hyundai, Jac. And now there will be both Russian «Valdai Next» and «Compass» will appear. So in fact, certain areas in the appearance of such a mas.

Let’s look at Belorus.

The new model is not its own development, although the Maz has its own line of medium-room — MAZ-4371 and MAZ-4381. But they are a few more grade with a total of 10 and 12 tons. In particular, they are installed on them with a cabin from senior models of daisies, although with alterations.

Therefore, for a car with a total weight of 7500 kg, there is a need to start developing «from scratch» and a new chassis and a new cabin.

The project partner became Chinese Shacman.

For his new medium-tonnage, Maza took advantage of a relatively fresh model of Shacman Delong K3000, the production of which in the PRC began a little more than two years ago — in May 2019. The K3000 series was created in collaboration with the Japanese automaker ISUZU.

The WEICHAI Power Series WP3N series Motor is installed on the WEICHAI Power series, Fast Gear gearboxes and Hande bridges — the whole line is produced at Weichai Holding Group.

The characteristics of the new MAZ-365120 are as follows. Full weight — 7500 kg, load capacity — 4800 kg. Wheel base — 3300 mm. The overall dimensions of the presented isometric van: 6505 x 2330 x 2320 mm (3133 mm for the add-in). Internal body volume — 20.6 cubic meters.

The MAZ will install the WP3NQ150E50 engine, which develops 144 hp (Euro-5) and 6-speed Fast Gear C6J45TB gearbox. Estimated fuel consumption — 14.6 l / 100 km.

Cabin triple. Equipment includes: Multiculor, heated driver seat, cruise control, efficient climatic installation, electric car, modern media system. Brake system — with ABS, ASR, ESP functions. Front brake mechanisms — disk.

Chinese automakers have already helped their masses to go out into the LCV segment. A few years are going to Chinese Jac Sunray under the indexes of MAZ-281040 (minibus) and MAZ-365022 (all-metal van). Now here will be Minsk Shacman.