Mazda leaves the Russian market.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Rumors that Mazda autoconecern completes its work in Russia, treated the automotive community. True, not long. In the situation, journalists of the authoritative publication «Autores» were promoted, reporting on future change (with reference to own sources). As it turned out, it’s not about the whole model range, but only about one car. From the Russian market will take a compact crossover CX-30, not so long ago, quite successfully «debuting» in our country.

Brief history of the model

Beautiful and technological Mazda CX-30 began selling from January 2021. The initial cost (at the time of reception of orders) was 1,620,000 rubles, and its assembly was organized in Vladivostok at the Mazda Sollers profile brand. The parent company first reduced, and then suspended the supply of the supplies to Vladivostok machine collectors, of which the SUV is going.

At the moment, the supply of cars in Russia is completely discontinued, moreover, dealers began to delete information about the model from the price list.

Thus, the car lasted on our car market for less than 1 year. For six months, only 2109 cars were sold.

Russian dealers in warehouses really remained a stock of Mazda CX-30 crossover. Machines with 2.0 liter engine (150 hp) and 6-speed mechanical gearbox is just over 1.7 million rubles.

For 8 full months, the car purchased 2532 «thirties», about 1/3 of them — with a full drive. There were models and with a 6-diaspan «automatic».

The car could be purchased in one of three basic packages:




The main reason why the car stopped producing in the Russian Federation is a shortage of microchips. However, the «autores», referring to the same, confidential sources of information, report the possible return of the model to Russia in 2022. True, there must be a deficit on the electronic component market.

And what remains

Hurry to calm the fans of the Japanese brand Mazda. The brand does not leave Russia completely and, most likely, will continue to delight our compatriots with new modifications that have been preserved in the automotive market: Mazda6 sedan, as well as CX-5 and CX-9 parquetners.

Of course, in the European automotive market, the model range is presented much wider:

Mazda 2,

Mazda 3 (sedan and hatchback),

Mazda 6 (sedan and wagon),

Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-30

Mazda CX-5

Mazda MX-5 (Roadster and coupe)


We are about such a choice just dream!

Sales Dynamics and Obvious Leader

As a result of 2020, the most popular CX-5 crossover became the undoubted leader in sales of Mazda cars. For the full year 20 033 cars were implemented. Second place at the sedan Mazda6. The happy owner of the machine was 4645 motorists.

It is interesting to look at the global sales of Mazda cars. The first place with a huge margin from other models is CX-5, with a sales number of 339638. In second place Mazda3, more than 227 thousand were implemented by these cars. And closes the «Troika» of the leaders as glad to go from the Russian market Mazda CX-30 (163 945 units). It is noteworthy that on all models of the brand, a decline in sales was recorded compared with the previous goth — from 5 to 65%. And only «thirty» showed growth, and at once more than 500%. This means that motorists in many countries of the world appreciated the new model positively and they are happy to buy it. It is a pity that such a promising machine will not (temporarily or permanently) produce and sold in Russia.


Mazda is far from the only company that was forced to adjust its production. The manufacturers around the world were injured, and not only the auto industry, but also the entire consumer electronics as a whole.

A pandemic was put on the manifestation of the deficit. The demand for smartphones, computers, other electronic devices connected to the Internet and, of course, cars are sharply increased. Each such «gadget» or technique has a chip in its design, which is also called «electronic brains.» As it turned out, manufacturers could not navigate and increase power to meet the growing demand. This was the main reason for the shortage of semiconductors.

Now, according to the data provided by the RBC publishing, the leading semiconductor manufacturers are 2 companies:

1) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Taiwan. It takes 54% of the global market.

2) South Korean Samsung. The share in global production is 17%.

At the same time, Trend Force analysts found that at the moment the global demand for chips above the sentence is 20-30%. And according to the results provided by the Susquehanna Financial Group, the growth of the deficit and the sharp lag of manufacturers of semiconductors on the execution of orders began to appear from the first months of 2021. Gradually, the deficit began to manifest everything sharper. Now even large companies are waiting for microcircuits to 17 weeks, and small producers have to wait until 1 year or to abandon projects at all.

Of course, manufacturers have taken appropriate measures and increase production rates. But the stabilization of the situation will have to wait. At least, until the middle of 2022. Perhaps then Mazda CX-30 will return to Russia again. I would like it!