Meet — completely new and very «smart» Creta

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Only lazy did not praise or did not scold this car, which became a real bestseller in Russia! One category of citizens (and a largely large group of specialists) do not get tired of searching for shortcomings and prove that this car is not at all what they say about it and think. Others are built in line to order and buy a popular Hyundai Creta and do not particularly listen to the opinions of others (they know that they know the car!) …

And the car becomes better, modern, more advanced and technological. And here users are offered an updated modification of a car, carefully worked and improved by most parameters.

Moreover, the South Korean autohygoant, working together with domestic dealers offers every fan of Krett to choose his car and get a dream car exactly in that configuration that he would like to have!

We will also turn to the features of the renewed building, and now we want to pay attention to a wide selection of body color options: only 10 options. Such a spectrum can afford not all manufacturers!


And also the possibility of choosing between steel (16 inches) or litam / forged (16/17) wheels!

Let’s see what in the cabin? The first thing I want to pay attention is ergonomics and internal space. More space got both the driver and passengers on all seats. At the same time, all the basic elements of control are more convenient and more compact. It is possible to adjust the seat, steering wheel and a number of other elements «for itself».

Add the possibility of a two-color salon, a panoramic roof and seats made of high-quality artificial leather, and the impression of the car will be even better!

But not only the appearance is going to conquer a new smart Creta to conquer. Seriously worked engineers over such parameters as:

power and dynamics;

High maneuverability;

excellent handling.

All these parameters still remain a kind of «calling card» of the city crossover!

ICE, installed on the curb, well known to us, well established themselves in practice and combine the best technical and operational parameters. Users are given the ability to choose a car with a mechanical gearbox or machine.

And the newest systems (active safety; adaptive cruise control; tracking of the driver’s condition, etc.) make a car truly smart and caring!