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In the modern world, the attitude towards learning is changing. If sometimes education is regarded as a «crust», then today it is imperative to regularly improve their qualifications, receive special knowledge and work out practical experience that cannot be obtained in the university.

Today we will talk about what opportunities can provide training personnel in

The history of the academy originates in 1996 due to the active development of the GC business car. This is Europe’s largest dealer network for sale and maintenance of Toyota and Lexus cars. In 2003, there was a need to create a corporate training center in which adaptation, professional training and assessment of professional knowledge and skills of employees of all levels and posts of dealer enterprises would be able to undergo adaptation. After 10 years of successful work, a decision was made to bring the training center to the foreign market of educational and consulting services under the «Academy Business Car» brand.

Academy Business Car seeks to carry out the most efficient training programs and assist in solving real auto-business problems. Therefore, all staff coaches of the academy have extensive experience and scope of practical knowledge. For example, to carry out a unique advanced training program called «Installing an anti-aggravine film on the body of a car body» (the program together with the TCC «Protective Solutions») are attracted by experts who have dedicated this work for more than 12 years.

The training center offers more than 70 courses programs to improve the qualifications of such specialists as: auto mechanics, painters, colorars, tinsmiths and reinforcers; Masters-acceptors, managers, service specialists, sales assistants; Specialists of children’s studios, experts judicial and experts on evaluating and uninstructed inspection of cars with mileage.

Training programs are prepared taking into account the characteristics of each specialty and are designed for a wide range of employees. Therefore, training is suitable for both newcomers and experts with experience.

ACADEMY Business Car works in three training centers in Moscow. It:

• Multifunctional educational complex «Rublevsky»;

• Body repair and coloring training center;

• Training class «Left-Bank».

All academy training platforms are equipped with professional equipment that allows you to create real-time conditions.

The training center of body repair technologies and coloring has a full range of equipment for practical training in all types of body work — modern posts of preparation and coloring, color selection laboratory and text of teaching technologies for children. Also on the basis there is a laboratory for researching materials and equipment for body repair and painting.

On two posts of maintenance and repair of automobiles of the multifunctional educational complex «Rublevsky» there are all the necessary equipment for technical and electronic car diagnostics, as well as the subsequent repair of any nodes and aggregates. Two listeners of various types allow you to work in practice all types of repair work, up to the disassembly of the engine assembly and car gearbox.

Work in the automotive business is governed by professional standards, which are developed by the Council of Professional Qualifications in the automotive industry.

In order for the company’s specialists from the authority to confirm their professional qualifications to the State Register, in 2020, the SPR Business Car LLC opened the Sector Center for Qualifications Evaluation No. 77.098.

One article is not enough to tell about all the possibilities of the Academy and the Qualifications Evaluation Center for your business. Therefore, it is possible to learn more about the activities of the Academy Business Car and the qualifications assessment center No. 77.098.

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