Mitsubishi Outlander The most reliable crossover in Russia in the first half of the year 2021


This crossover uses a rather high and sustained demand among thousands of domestic motorists. The Mitsubishi Outlander crossover has long been operated in Russia, during this time he has undergone several modernization. It should be noted that most of the restyled solutions made a car better, modern, more reliable and safer.

And how much did the latest version of Outlander become better and what is the car in general? Our experts were answered to this question, who disassembled a new car almost completely and made a thorough inspection.

After the attentive inspection of the body Outlander of this part of the car was the highest assessment. No complaints about materials, quality of welding and processing sealant was not detected. The same can be said about the bottom, carefully protected by a dense layer of anti-corrosion material.

Of course, it was not without flaws (traces of rust on Silent blocks, the absence of an anticorrow on the doors, weak body insulation), but they are not all critical and can be easily fixed by caring owner.

A small precipitate remained after evaluating the materials used for the noise protection of the Salon of the crossover. Of course, the use of foam rubber, felt and foam, this is a refund of at least the 20th century.

As for the power component, engine, transmission, steering and quality of all major systems, then Mitsubishi Outlander shows good, high enough for its class and, most importantly, stable results!

Of course, the serious dynamics of overclocking, drive and accompanying emotions you are unlikely to get. But according to such parameters, as reliability, unpretentiousness, efficiency and safety, Outlander is at a sufficiently high level.

You can be sure: in front of you are not «puzzled» by electronics «Chinese», but the most real, the most famous car worldwide brand Mitsubishi!

And last. If you compare the number of cars sold in the first half of 2021, compared to the same period 2020, then the numbers have changed somewhat. Still, the demand for the model, despite all the above parameters began to fall. It only speaks that the update of which has been spoken by a couple of years in Mitsubishi Motor Rus simply narrel! After all, we have long been heard that Outlander must translate to a common alliance platform, which built Nissan X-TRAIL / ROGUE.