Mitsubishi Pajero Sport — Will the Return of Legend

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The legendary Japanese car of one of the leading world autocontraces, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, again excites the minds of fans of powerful, comfortable and high-tech cars.

Yes, recently, this car brand has slightly lost the leading position in the world and Russian markets. But the developers of the model did not waste time. During the last year, a deep restyling Pajero Sport was held, many updates appeared. As the first samples show, all these innovations can be safely considered important and necessary.

Let’s see what was changed in the construction of the car.

Japanese designers worked well over the form of the front of the body. The hood line was raised at once by 40 mm, which made it possible to change the design of the machine, make it more powerful, rude and serious!

The manufacturer also took into account the opinion of car owners who did not take over the elongated shape of the rear lights, in MPS they became much shorter, the appearance immediately transformed. Engineers «taught» the trunk of the new-fashioned thing — opening the trunk «with legs».

A variety of positive changes occurred in the cabin. He became more comfortable, more practical, modern. The first thing that draws attention is a new dashboard, completely digital. There were new places for storing any «small things», which is important to keep at hand.

We also note a significant improvement in the quality of the materials used in the interior trim. Modern soft, pleasant to the touch plastic effectively complements well-selected skin. Did not forget the manufacturer and the rear row passengers. There appeared a socket for connecting gadgets, as well as 2 USB ports.

What a pajero sport on the walk

Thanks to the installation on the updated pajero shock absorbers with an elongated rod, the car has become a little softer. Overcoming bumps and broken ground roads has become easier. But there was no significant improvement in MPS. All major technical and operational parameters remain unchanged.

What is this: the lack of new developments or confidence in the ideality of the used power units and transmission options.

The answer to the assigned question can be obtained very soon, assessing the level of sales and growth / drop in user demand.

In the meantime, the price of a car does not really inspire. Conduct Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in the maximum configuration can be in almost 3.9 million rubles. Honor!