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Functioning of the cooling system

The car radiator is a heat exchanger transmitting excess heat from the engine coolant into the air. The radiator consists of tubes for which the coolant is passed, the radiator cover, which is also a pressure valve, and the tank on each side to capture the overflow of the coolant. When the coolant overheats, it expands, causing increased pressure in the liquid. When it falls into the radiator, the pressure increases even more, because it is in a closed space.

The thermostat plays a decisive role in maintaining the temperature in the required range, preventing operation during overheating or low ambient temperature. Thus, the service life of the engine and the radiator is extended. The optimal range of operating temperatures is determined by the engine manufacturer in accordance with the engine design. Consequently, there are various thermostats on the market that are suitable for different temperatures.

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Several recommendations Motorad:

If you are in an overheated car, do not try to go further. Stay, stop moving and turn off the engine. After the car cools, spend several tests:

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