New Commodity groups of autocomponents under the TMI Tatsumi brand in the Russian market

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

A new Commodity Group of autocomponents under the TMI Tatsumi brand on the Russian market — wiper brushes.

The Japanese brand TMI Tatsumi releases spare parts and details for passenger cars predominantly Japanese, as well as Korean and European production. The company actively expands its range in the Russian market and announces the exit of the new product group of auto parts for passenger cars — wipers brushes.

Permanent mechanical loads, UV exposure, temperature fluctuations, the presence of abrasive particles and ice continuously interfere with the work of the wiper brushes, as a result of which they gradually wear out, cleansing the glass surface material loses its properties, and they come into unsuitability. The quality of cleaning is significantly worsened, the brushes are loosely adjacent, leave dirty stripes and scratch the glass. In this case, their urgent replacement is necessary.

TMI Tatsumi releases a wiper brush of several modifications:

• Classic frame brushes.

• Frameless brushes.

• Hybrid brushes (combining the main advantages of the first two categories).

• Brushes for the rear window of the car.

The working surface of the TMI Tatsumi brand brushes is made from a special rubber of the complex profile necessary to minimize the abrasive effect on the glass and its effective cleaning.

TATSUMI brushes design ensures their dense adjacent to the surface of the car glass for its impeccable cleaning without skipping throughout the available area. Our brushes are distinguished by unique fasteners and complete compliance with OE specifications. Thanks to a special graphite coating on rubber elements, the service life of the TMI Tatsumi brand brushes increases.

Our frameless and hybrid brushes work as quickly as possible due to the effective coating of Teflon. Teamless brushes TMI Tatsumi are supplied complete with special adapters, which allows you to install them on almost any modern car.

All products of TMI Tatsumi are certified in accordance with the requirements of the markets on which it applies. Each manufacturing site built its own laboratory for the implementation of phased quality control and minimizing the rejection of the finished product. All operating company plants are certified by ISO / TS 16949: 2009. The manufacturer is confident of high quality and long service life of TMI Tatsumi auto parts, therefore offers an extended unconditional warranty on all brand products within 24 months from the date of purchase.