New Commodity groups of autocomponents under the TMI Tatsumi brand in the Russian market


The assortment of the Japanese brand TMI Tatsumi includes parts and spare parts for Japanese cars, as well as Korean and European production. Only in March of the current year, the trademark was presented in the Russian market, and in June, the assortment will replenish the new product group — gas stops.

The shock absorbers of the trunk or hood themselves are not a means of necessity, since they do not affect the safety or smooth driving, but in the modern world the comfort in the operation of the car is valued very high, so this group of auto parts is in great demand among motorists. Gas stops soften the opening and closing of the lid, and also have a function of fixing the trunk or hood, not allowing the occurrence of shock loads to these parts.

Distinctive features of gas stops manufactured under the trademark TMI Tatsumi are the high accuracy of the manufacture of coupled with carefully polished and thermally hardened rods, which guarantees the long term of their impeccable work even in the most difficult climatic conditions.

Currently, the TMI Tatsumi range has more than 12,000 articles, and the new product group is represented in more than 90 variations.

All products of TMI Tatsumi are certified in accordance with the requirements of the markets on which it applies. Special attention in the process of producing auto parts trademark is paid to the exact compliance of the products of the product with the technical characteristics of original components. Each manufacturing site built its own laboratory for the implementation of phased quality control and minimizing the rejection of the finished product. All operating company plants are certified by ISO / TS 16949: 2009. The manufacturer is confident of high quality and long service life of TMI Tatsumi auto parts, therefore offers an extended unconditional warranty on all brand products within 24 months from the date of purchase.