New crossover from Toyota — dimensions like Rav-4, what a car


It’s time to get acquainted with the next (we never doubt it) «masterpiece» from the famous Japanese autocontracena Toyota. Meet the new BZ4X crossover, built on the E-TNGA platform. True, the car will go on sale only next year, and in Russia, most likely will come even later (or the Japanese does not dare to bring it to the Russian market).

Nevertheless, the interest in the novelty is traditionally high and numerous experts hurry to «disassemble the brick» a novelty.

Spectacular presentation

Not anywhere — the popularity of electrocars is gradually gaining momentum. Much car owners in our country are not very trusted by such a turn and continue to buy cars with a gasoline or diesel engine. But the progress will not stop, and thinking will change over time.

This is how Japanese engineers argue and offer a crossover, made in the format of the serial electrocar.

The «green» car received an interesting name — BZ4X, translated into Russian reading as «abroad of zero.» It is noteworthy that this machine is comparable to the most popular RAV4 model.

Left less than a year left to wait until the start of mass production and then it will be possible to see what the demand for an electric crossover in different countries of the world will be seen.

Now about cars

The solution to use the E-TNGA platform to create a new car turned out to be quite successful. Designer engineers have the opportunity to create a car with excellent control parameters, an impressive stock of the stroke, good aerodynamics and spectacular appearance.

It is noteworthy that for the creation of a PARTNER, Toyota’s leadership invited specialists with another familiar company Subaru (they now also work on their version of the crossover, with the working name «EvOltis».

What’s new in the appearance? The absence of a radiator lattice is striking as such

(Clear, there is no need for such a constructive solution — there is no atmospheric or turbocharged in the hood). From other innovations it should be noted:

narrowed LED headlights;

Advanced air intake;

shortened side skes;

Spectacular hood with a relief pattern, combined with lanterns.


So far, there is no information about the technical characteristics of the parkerchief, as well as prices for E-TNGA, all strictly classified. You can, please, only note the presence of one electric motor in the basic configuration and two electric motors — in models of more expensive!

The only question is whether the Toyota will bring this car to Russia.