New Hyundai Tucson 2022 — This technological miracle!

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The fourth generation of the popular Korean crossover is not just an updated, improved and slightly modified version. We have almost completely a new car, both on the design of the exterior and interior, and according to the technical characteristics and technological innovative solutions.

Of course, the first thing you pay attention to when meeting the model is a completely new design of the Korean Hyundai Tucson. You can just look and enjoy!

Evaluating the appearance of the car and its technical characteristics, attention should be paid to the characteristic features of Tucson sample 2022, namely:

NEW, HYUNDAI TUCSON 2022 in Russia is focused on buyers of all ages. The older generation will appreciate comfort and appearance, mean — excellent handling, and youth, of course, high-speed quality.

Special attention in the exterior attracts:

original design of front optics;

ribbed, streamlined, slightly tilted Book Hood;

the spectacular facing of the radiator with the signature sign in the middle;

Front glazing compactness, emphasizing high speed indicators.


The interior of the Hyundai Tucson 2022 five-seater interior is not less worked out. Here the emphasis is on the use of elements of space futurism, and the quality of the finishes, even if it does not pretend to the premium class, but looks very solid!

Two beautiful analog dial between which is built-in a colored computer monitor. The management is thought out to the smallest detail, and the Ergonomics of the salon is such that there was a place even for a compact mini-refrigerator. And this is with five sufficiently comfortable places for the driver and passengers.

Good and spacious 512-liter trunk!

And what under the hood

In Russia, the new Hyundai Tucson is represented by a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines with a volume of 1.6 to 2.0 liters. The power of the power unit varies within 135 — 184 hp So every motorist will be able to choose the best option. A 6-speed automatic transmission or robot (7-band) works in a pair.

You can choose a car, taking into account the following options: