New Infiniti QX60 — Power and Status of the seventess crossover

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The Japanese do not cease to delight their fans with new ones, and more high-quality, technological and perfect cars. It is not surprising that it is Infiniti QX60 that is one of the leaders among the company’s cars. The manufacturer himself declares the release of the best, most successful crossover, built on the basis of the concept car QX60 MJONograph.

The first thing to pay attention to is the choice of color. The Infiniti QX60 serial crossover is painted in a new color called «Moonbow Blue» — a spectacular combination of blue and violent shades. The «highlight» of the color is to add special pigments in the paint, changing, depending on the viewing angle, color in a wide range: from purple to green tones!

The novelty replete with spectacular changes in appearance. The grill of the radiator in the grid resembling the folds of the kimono The shape of the LED headlights, the leather upholstery, combined with the front panel — everything is performed very organically, harmoniously and in the spirit of national traditions.

The power and strength of the car will give 20-inch wheels, which will be equipped with all serial cars. Optional solution is an absolutely black roof, again, in the spirit of Japanese suras!

As for the main technical parameters and dimensional indicators, they practically did not change. Length, width, height differ per millimeters. It is gratifying that the models that can be bought in Russia have increased clearance, 187 mm against traditional 170!

Special attention should be paid to the interior. Crossover three-row, seven. And this is perhaps the only thing that unites with the prototype. Chairs installed in the cabin are the peak of modern engineering thought. Comfort and practicality, and also — the possibility of multifaceted transformation. The front and can be adjusted in 8 directions at all, while equipped with a system of heating and programmable massage.

The engine is the former (3.5 liters.

Japanese electronics engineers did not bake. Infiniti QX60 has received a newest high-quality multimedia system, a lot of important, useful, and sometimes vital options. Such as adaptive cruise control, collision warning systems, automatic braking in front of the obstacle, etc.

The crossover will be the first to appear in the US market. In the US, cars are waiting at the end of 2021. In Russia, we are waiting for a car a year later.