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9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Mahle, confirming the status of the automotive industry leader, introduced three new online services in 2021 for its customers at once. Services are freely available on the MAHLE AfterMarket global Internet resource, and the use of them does not require registration. Links to services are also located in the personal cabinets of users of the loyalty program MAHLE Plus. So, Meet:

New Online Product Catalog

A new online catalog of products is now available in a well-known TECDOC standard and is well displayed on any device, whether it is a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet or a stationary computer. Let’s look at the main features of the catalog.

The main page opens up all the necessary fields to enter parameters to search, starting from searching for an arbitrary number and full-text search and ending with tiles from the main sections, where you can immediately go to the parts of the part.

The central place in the catalog occupies a compact search block, where the vehicle type selection buttons are grouped, comboces for selecting a manufacturer, car model and its parameters, as well as search by brand and MAHLE trading groups.

In the search results, the Tree Commodity Group opens first. You can choose both all groups and separate goods. Next, the products corresponding to the search criteria are displayed. Details, photos and main characteristics are available. If you are professionally engaged in auto parts or just want to find the best parts for your car, go to the section Catalog section

The new TechTool web application from MAHLE offers a detailed analysis of the technology of temperature control in passenger and trucks. A clear and simple interface allows you to quickly get the necessary information. Using its high-class system experience, MAHLE develops comprehensive temperature control solutions for automakers worldwide.

But how exactly do air conditioning systems and engine cooling work? In just a few clicks, the newly developed TechTool will provide important basic knowledge not only for car services, but also for ordinary motorists.

TechTool from MAHLE offers detailed information about the structure and functions of all components of the engine cooling system, heating and air conditioning. It is optimized for all technical devices, which is especially convenient in the car service, as you do not need to interrupt the job to approach the computer in the office. You can use your smartphone to invoke active troubleshooting or repair support while working with the car. The information is clearly structured and belongs to both passenger and trucks. TechTool displays various circuits of cooling, refrigerant and upgrade air and explains in detail each of them.

Each component can be clicked separately to see the exact description of its function. Animated photorealistic illustrations show it in action. Possible causes of failure are also listed. In general, it greatly simplifies the life of car service workers.

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The new monthly information online newsletter MAHLE INSIDER will now be your exclusive source of the current list of new products, a technical messenger with the most recent conclusions of experts in the field of practical skills on a hundred, promotionals and other important information from the world of Mahle Aftermarket. We recommend everyone who is interested in obtaining useful information «first-hand», subscribe to MAHLE INSIDER on the page

• compactness: one bulletin contains all the most important information regarding the after-sales service market.

• Informative: the most relevant list of products, including new items

• Usefulness: expert assessment, tips and recommendations for professionals

• Threatic: all information about promotions and special offers

On this we finish a brief overview of new online services. Excellent work with the support of MAHLE.

In 2021, it was seven years old by the Russian division of MAHLE, which through an extensive network of distributors is supplied throughout Russia, to the Republic of Belarus and to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today, products of all MAHLE brands are available in almost every corner of a huge space from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. To get all the information about MAHLE products and find us in your area, go to the official website of MAHLE