New Nissan Qashqai got a variator with efficiency above 90%

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Installing variators on cars of different modifications and their practical operation, continues to be one of the main topics for motorists’ disputes. Some users cannot rejoice in such a type of transmission, the other belong to the variasts with caution, and the third and at all — with prejudice.

We do not put the task to praise or scold a stepless transmission capable of changing without switching fixed gears to change the gear ratio. But here to tell about a brilliant novelty of Japanese engineers — the Jatco CVT-X variator (JF022E) consider it important and necessary. Moreover, it is this type of transmission that will be used on the third-generation Nissan Qashqai (sample of 2021 releases).

But back to the topic of variators. Why are they popular with one and do not use authority from other categories of users. To get an answer to this question, it is enough to look at the main advantages and disadvantages of such a transmission.

To advantages should be attributed:

Despite such, it would seem that «reinforced concrete» pluses, ordinary motorists primarily interest such indicators as:


durability of operation;

Easy service;

trouble-free operation;

Manufacturer laid operational resource.

(Perhaps you want to add something else)!

Nevertheless, technical and technological progress does not stand still. And every new release of the variastors attracts the attention of specialists. Let’s see what the engineers of the famous autocontraser were offered.

This type of transmission (JF022E) is designed for large-sized and medium-sized car brand. There is a limitation — the variator is installed only on the front-wheel drive car. The most important advantage of the unit is the manufacturer of the highest efficiency of the efficiency, which reaches an incredible indicator of 90%!

The Jatco Brand Trust Rating is high enough. This is the merit of long-term and generally successful work on the market. During its existence, the company has released more than 50 million nodes, many of which are exploited so far.

Interestingly, adding the letter «x» to the abbreviation CVT-X manufacturer wanted to focus on such parameters as «endless», «absolute», «with unlimited possibilities». Such a call is unknown on one side attracts, and on the other, it continues to alarming!

What are the innovations?

Well, not bad. We will wait for the new Nissan Qashqai with the Jatco CVT-X variator in Russia.