New Strategy Lada: Turning Pants Running for Hyundai-Kia.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The integration of the largest domestic automaker of the AvtoVAZ country into the global auto industry will undoubtedly be held at the expense of wallets of ordinary Russian car enthusiasts. Our channel was understood in the intricacies of this process and revealed a lot of interesting features, with which I decided to share with our audience.

The new president of AvtoVAZ Nicolas Mor recently made a series of statements that are otherwise you will not call sensational. Moreover, these statements are too divergent with what he spoke earlier.

Here, for example, on September 12, 2019, Nicolas Mor, then, then one of the leaders of Renault Groupe in the direction of Russia-CIS countries noted: «The company has several segments: Lada is located in lowland, in the SUV segment — Arkana, Kaptur, Duster, between them — Segment with Logan, Sandero, Lada Xray.

Everything is clearly, clear and decomposed on the shelves. Lada is a low-price segment, Renault — somewhat more expensive. But a few days ago, the entire automotive press made a statement of the same Nicolas Mora myself, where he openly stated that after the transition to the CMF-B platform, LADA cars would cost above 1,000,000 rubles. It is clear that this is no longer a low-bearer segment. Car journalistic brethren immediately rushed to search in the model range of the domestic brand the price tags above a million and even found a couple of such models.

Nicolas Mor clarified that at the first stage, the VAZ cars will oversail the prices of 1 million rubles, and at the second — 1.2 million rubles. These machines will provide consumers «good product properties for the relevant money,» clarified the AvtoVAZ President. According to him, it will work only if AvtoVAZ can offer a really interesting price ratio for the properties and value of the product for consumers, which is already for the Lada Vesta model.

By and large, Renault Groupe pushes his subsidiary Lada to the segment, where today the main players are models

But, in principle, this is the expected turn in the fate of AvtoVAZ and the Lada brand. If you recall the renaulution presentation of January 14, 2021, in it

But Renault Groupe understand how risky should be the steps to fulfill these purposes.

Add, the production of this model will be transferred to the third thread of the main conveyor, where Lada Niva Legend and Lada Niva Travel is being built today. And until recently, Priora collected here. In turn, the assembly capacities of the case, where the production of the current version of Granta will be reconstructed and already at the end of next year, the Renault (Logan / Sandero) and the new GRANTA-2023 will begin there.

AvtoVAZ will begin production of cars on the CMF-B platform since the end of 2022. The transition process of the entire LADA model range to last to 2026. Some have the hope that nevertheless, in the future, during the transition to a new platform, the price tag will still remain gentle. After all, in the press it was often mentioned that the French platform for Lada and Dacia cars had a CMF-B LS (Low Specification) console, that is, lightweight and not so tried as for single-platform French and Japanese Nissan models. But the laws of the economy cannot be canceled and the transition to a new trolley will be accompanied by an increase in the price.

Also Nicolas Mor said that «the new CMF-B platform, which is used for Renault, Dacia, Lada, Nissan, Mitsubishi. It builds the B-segment models, B + and even the segment of C. In Russia, Renault cars will also build on this platform. «

But we want to pay attention to the top manager’s passage. For some reason, none of the typewriter of automotive brethren focused on it.

That is, a new new available model of the Japanese brand Mitsubishi will soon appear on the AvtoVAZ conveyor.

This is really a sensation. Of course, the head holds a corporate secret and did not specify whether this is the inconunion of the once popular sedan Mitsubishi Lancer, or it will be a new crossover, which will become a relative Lada Niva New. However, the intrigue turned out. Now it remains only to catch some information on this.

Well, in general, summing up, we note, AvtoVAZ stands on the threshold of change, and such that the enterprise has not been for all its more than half a century. A partnership with the French group allows AvtoVAZ to move away from the image of the enterprise producing cheap cars, but with chromatic quality. That will come true the dream of many Russian motorists, dreaming of high-quality modern Lada. Just for it will have to pay.