New SUV HAVAL BIG DOG is already in Russia.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

In the Russian enterprise, Haval in the Tula region collected the first copies of the new Dargo SUV, which is also known as Big Dog.

It was previously assumed that cars will supply in Russia from the factory in the Chinese city of Baoding, but now the company «Havale Motors Manufechchuring Rus» in the Tula region is named manufactured as a manufacturer. Thus, the new model should put on the conveyor in Russia.

This follows from the certification documents that the parent company Great Wall filed to obtain the approval of the type of vehicle (FTS) on the model from Rosstandart. And then — the road will be open not only to Russia, but also the car market has a number of other countries that are part of the EAEU: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

It is important to note that Big Dog is not an absolute novice on the global car market. In China itself, the model is produced since the end of 2020 and is essentially a high-quality refinement of the famous frame SUV Great Wall Hover. What is the feature of a model focused on Russian car market? The manufacturer positions the car as the most stylish, brutal SUV with a spectacular exterior and a comfortable interior as a comfortable interior. And all this is at a price, much less than any other similar machine of this class.

Get acquainted with the big «Shepherd»

The new Haval Big Dog is a «relative» model of the Haval H6 third generation. At least in both cars, a single platform L.E.M.O.N. And completely similar design chassis with independent suspensions on each wheel axis.

By dimensions, this car can be compared with Nissan X-Trail: D / W / B = 4620/1890/1780 mm, and the distance between the axes is 2738 mm. But there is a «big dog» of their characteristic differences. First of all, it is:

exterior that is not suitable for most modern SUVs;

impressive off-road body kit;

Optics similar to «toy».


The appearance of a new Chinese SUV developed well-known in the circles of specialists to grow professional Phil Simmons. It was he who in his time «painted» many models of Ford and Land Rover. Obviously, the previously applied forms, sizes, configurations imposed their imprint and on our sample. We admit — worse from this, Haval Big Dog / Dargo did not exactly, rather — on the contrary! This model of the Chinese manufacturer will surely find a wide range of fans, both among young people and representatives of the older generation. All motorists, periodically choosing for the city, will appreciate this car and will be happy to try it in business!

Why are we so confident in flawless off-road vehicle qualities? Everything is very simple: it is enough to evaluate massive bumpers, solid wheel arches expansion and large 19-inch wheels. Confidence that Big Dog / Dargo will cope with difficult-acting primers and explicit off-road adds a manufacturer who promises to add another version to the front-wheel drive: with a full-wheel drive 4×4 with a rear differential lock, as well as several special electronic modes that allow you to more effectively overcome bumps and skaters.

Solid interior — focus on electronics

Inside the HaVal Big Dog / Dargo 2022 model range also looks unusually as outside. Not with all constructive solutions it is easy to agree. So, for example, it is completely incomprehensible, for what it was necessary to do clearly too large visor of the digital dashboard. The solution is ambiguous to make all the front air ducts vertical, and even multicolored, decorated with bright inserts. There are many other small expressive places of «Application Applications». But it is better to see once: for example, a bright orange massive handle, fixed opposite the front passenger seat.

You can also note another change in the cabin, namely — placement on the central panel, next to the cup holders, a modest washer instead of the gear shift box.

Look under the hood

The technical characteristics of the HAVAL car traditionally «do not indulge» car owners. Big Dog / Dargo also did not make a sample of diversity and in the basic configuration suggested only one (the only one for today) version: a well-known «Four» GW4B15A with an engine capacity of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 169 hp Little!

The same gasoline turbo engine stands on all major Chinese cars: H6, F7 and F7X, and supplements the «power» component of a practically permanent 7-speed robot. But from the brand dealers to Russia, information was received that the manufacturer considers the possibility of installing the «big dog» of a more powerful, 2.0-liter turbo engine of the 4N20 series. Now in stock the company has 2 modifications of such an internal engine: at 224 and 245 hp

Prospects for the appearance of Big Dog in Russia

The Chinese SUV has already managed to visit Russia. The car was covered as a demonstration sample at the Sochi Conference, who gathered under one roof of all brand dealers working in the country. Sale of a car in car dealerships is scheduled for the end of 2022 to 2023, all the necessary certification measures are being actively held.


The configuration and prices for Big Dog / Dargo have not yet been announced. Made it will be in the very near future. It is assumed that the cost of the new SUV will be within 1.35-1.85 million rubles. And this means that the car with the frame design of the chassis in many parameters (primarily comfort, the saturation of electronics, technologicality) and the design will significantly exceed our morally outdated «Niva» and