New SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 300 — Premiere Near Mountains


The network leaked the first information about the expected event in the world of auto industry. We are talking about the imminent appearance of a new generation of the legendary SUV Toyota Land Cruiser. To the name of the brand it is planned to add the «300» index.

The mystery of the updated platform is revealed, and also appeared about the gearbox.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will receive a new modified TNGA- F modular platform, which is specifically designed for the popular Tundra pickup (new generation, also in development). Hurry to calm the real «jeeppers»: according to the available data, a frame structure and a continuous rear axle will be saved by the mouse. Transmission with constant full-wheel drive and downside also remained unchanged.

According to Instagram data, it is possible to conclude about the «power» component of the «three hundredth» Land Cruise. A new 3.5 l gasoline Motor with two turbines will be installed on the car. At the outlet of the power in 415 hp The relics for overclocking a heavy SUV is more than enough. For lovers of diesel engines, the use of 3.3 liters of motor, developing power in 309 hp Good too!

Both motors will complement a reliable 10-speed automatic!

Something has become known about changes inside the cabin. Most likely, the SUV will save the same analog instrument panel, but a new digital information display will be installed right in the middle.

The car is planning to equip the modern information and entertainment complex with a large touchscreen display (12 inches diagonal)!

It is worth analyzing the information that emerged in general access, prohibiting the transfer and publication of official information and Toyota Land Cruiser 300. Such a ban is valid until the end of May 2021. It suggests the conclusion: a new car can debut already in the first days of summer.

Let’s see!