Nissan Qashqai Sample 2021 — Now this is a cross-coupe

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Once popular in Europe and in our Russia, the second generation crossover Nissan Qashqai began to take positions. At the end of April, he has not even entered the top 25 Russian car market. Therefore, you need to urgently completely transform the car. And not just update, but to catch the main mainstream market of the beginning of the 20th anniversary. Therefore, the updated model is nothing more than a cross-coupe, popular with young people (and not only)!

The scheduled, third modernization of the QASHQI generation significantly changed the exterior and interior of the car, as well as the design of the car and the list of all sorts of options included in the aircraft equipment complex.

As a result, a merchant crossover comes to the market, referring to the category of the budgetary / medium-value class.

The main technical parameters of the cross-coupe submitted by the Render specialists should not change. Is that scheduled to «strengthen» 1.3 liters of the engine with a 12-volt starter generator and compact battery.

Different options for configuring cars by power units and transmission, but which of them will be reached to Russia, to make it too early.

So what changed? And will this change go to favor? Experts immediately noted that the appearance of the third generation Nissan Cascaism is very similar to Renault Arkana. And it is in this form that the car will most likely appear on our car market next 2022.

Nevertheless, experts considered in the appearance of the Japanese the features that should attract the attention of the target audience. First of all, the manufacturer emphasizes the sports style of cars, which encourages the idea of high technical abilities and operational parameters. A slightly littered backward stand in the complex with a lowering roof significantly improves aerodynamic indicators.

Sportsport »The body also provide a bulk hood and anterior bumper equipped with special ventilation holes.

There is no accurate information about the start of serial release at the factory in St. Petersburg and the start of sales of Nissan Qashqai-III. Equally, as information about the plans. The more interesting!

As you know, Nissan relies at work in Russia mainly on localized models. Therefore, the delay is natural.