NN for Gazelles found new motors

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Today, the serial release of the most expected model of gas began. This is a gift for the 800-year anniversary of the largest city-forming enterprise of the city.

Indeed, Lower Novgorod this year marks 800 years !!!

This is not just a new model, this is a whole new LCV automotive platform. In the future, on its basis, various variations of commercial vehicles of the new generation «Gazelle NN» will be built. It will be cars with a complete mass of 2.5-4.6 tons with various types of body, wheelbases and equipment options for special equipment, etc.

But the new platform is a breakthrough to the future. The key difference between the «Gazelle NN» concept is the transition from the analog to the digital control model. It will introduce a wide range of intelligent help systems to the driver, digital services, elements of unmanned technologies.

Note that the new car is excellent from the predecessor (Gazelle Next) interior of the cabin. Comfortable primor driver seat with 11 types of adjustments, a multimedia system with a 9-inch screen, a new interface. The back of the central passenger seat is leaving, turning into a comfortable table with cup holders. These and other elements of ergonomics will make the driver more comfortable.

NN Gazelle has a set of «electronic assistants»: electronic dynamic stabilization system (ESP), emergency braking system (BAS), the electronic distribution system of brake force (EBD), as well as the anti-test system (TCS).

The versatility of the platform is an important feature of the car. It provides high variability of combinations of power units, chassis types and other key machine knots. In the future, this model will establish a wide range of both internal combustion engines (diesel, gas, gasoline) and electrical power units.

Our channel said that for the Gazelle, the problem of power units is relevant, since in the past decade there occurred the cooperative links between the gas and the Volga engine plant, which several decades were the main supplier of engines in Nizhny Novgorod (bitter).

It has not been reported that the power units will receive «Gazelle NN», but we managed to find out that the engine compartments of new serial commercial vehicles will be diesel engines Cummins ISF 2.8 (150 liters. And 330 nm) and Volkswagen 2.0 TDI series EA189 (136 l. And 340 nm). Also in the motor gamma there will be a domestic 3-liter gasoline unit UMZ EVOTECH 3.0 (122 liters with. And 250 nm) with a cast-iron block.

As you can see, diesel units will be «long-playing» because they satisfy the promising EURO-6 standards. And the fact that these norms will be introduced in the Russian Federation, do not have to doubt. Other business is a domestic gasoline unit. It will have to refine and bring the exhaust level to the desired indicators.

Recall that the Volkswagen two-liter turbodiesel debuted back in 2019 on Gazelle NEXT. But until recently, the officials of the official brand dealers in the regions were not ready for the maintenance of the turbocharged Diesel Volkswagen EA189. Now the automaker in conjunction with the servicemen actively eliminates this problem.

On the question of the box. Gazelle NN is aggregated with a 6-speed gas production mechanics. Also, the automaker does not exclude the appearance of the machine. Gazelle NN should receive a 6-speed automatic PUNCH POWERGLIDE 6L50. It is already known to domestic motorists on UAZ Patriot.