OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200: twice as much light on the road

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Osram introduced the Night Breaker 200 car halogen lamp, which generates twice the more intense light flux compared to standard headlight sources. Bright headlights will appreciate drivers who have often to ride in the dark: a significant increase in visibility allows you to see the road signs, obstacles and irregularities of the roadway and react faster.

Driving comfort and safety

New OSRAM lamps shine 200% brighter and give a 20% over white light than ordinary «halogens» of the ECE R112 / R37 standard. Night Breaker 200 provides a powerful light stream at a distance of up to 150 meters, while their color temperature is as close as possible to the natural daylight: 3700-4050 Kelvin, depending on the lamp size — H7 or H4.


In order not to make counter-drivers built into the Night Breaker 200 lamp filter, the filter cuts off excess light, creating a correct black and white border — in full compliance with the requirements of the European Security Standard. This means that, despite the maximum brightness of Night Breaker 200 lamps, their installation is completely legal and will not cause complaints from law enforcement agencies.

To improve the characteristics of the Night Breaker 200 halogen lamp, OSRAM engineers have done a lot of work: modernized the thread of the heat, placing it as precisely as possible between the light filters, and made it more vibration. Plus changed the composition of the gases in the flask (in addition to the usual halogen, xenon was added) and improved the gradient coating technology.

Along with key technical innovations that distinguish the Night Breaker 200 from conventional lamps (gas thread and flask), they use a number of auxiliary technologies, which in the amount allowed, with such a high efficiency, keep the service life of new products at the level of lamps of the previous generation Night Breaker Laser.

Night Breaker 200 lamps are manufactured in the H4 standard for neighbor headlights, as well as in the H7 standard, which in addition to headlights can be used in fog lights and daytime running lights. The lamps in Germany are produced, the market is supplied in two packaging options — in a cardboard box or double plastic box.

New «halogens» are reliably protected from fakes — they are distributed on the branded OSRAM TRUST authentication system *. To verify, it is enough to go to the website www.osram.ru/trust and enter the 7-digit code from the Night Breaker 200 packaging.

Applicable for OSRAM Night Breaker 200 lamps in double plastic boxing.