«PAZ» will receive a second breath.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

One of the facilities of the transport complex of Russian cities, up to the cities of Millionniki, this is use as a rolling stock of vans (minibuses) and small-class buses on routes with a sufficiently high passenger traffic.

Small class buses, this is predominantly morally outdated Paz-3205 model. This is a shame of Russia use in the 21st century in large cities of such a rolling stock.

Two months ago, our channel told that on the highway Navizhin — Navashino Paparazzi met a camouflaged new «Pazik». Our channel

But today, on the days of the exhibition of the ComTrans 2021, we can tell about the new domestic bus in detail. This citymax 9 is a new middle-class mining bus with an ecological engine of Euro-6. The length of the bus allows it to classify as a middle class bus. At the booth, representatives of the Group Gas talk about the characteristics of the new bus, which is designed to transport 73 passengers, including 17 seating places.

The unusualness of this new vehicle, which we noted in the previous material, is that he has a big base. What suggests that this is not a bus for rural caraps and off-road. This is a city bus, for the city. The fact is that in the comments, a number of readers «the wall stood» on the protection of the PAZ-3205, without catching the simple thought that the old «Pazik» is not adapted to work on urban routes, where the carriers are actively exploited today. Modern Russian city needs other buses. And CityMax 9 is just created for the city.

We add that CityMax 9 is the first «swallow» of a whole family of buses of the new generation gas group, which will include a ruler from 9 to 19 m and with a capacity of 70 to 200 people. Well, now a number of details that we managed to find out.

The model is completed with the domestic YMZ-534 engine. In addition, the bus has high maneuverability: the minimum reversal radius is 8.8 m.

Well, as without low floor. Designers working out this bus provided a large area of ​​the low-voltage part — 10 square meters. M. A large accumulative platform will make it possible to simultaneously place both disabled and children’s strollers. The «Booking» system tilts the bus towards the doors, facilitating the landing and disembarking of passengers. The electric ramp will allow you to freely get into the salon with small passengers even on unequipped stops. The low-voltage part of the cabin is almost one and a half — two times larger area of ​​similar models of middle-class buses. However, as we see, an amphitheater remained in the back of the salon. This is connected with the rear-engine layout.

In the buses of the CityMax gas implemented a «clean floor» system, in which there are no attachments on the floor, and all seats and handrails are attached to the sidewall of the body. Such a constructive solution allows you to provide extensive passages between rows of seats, expands the ability to create different layout options and facilitates the salon washing.

This is such a new «Pazik» presented a group of gas at the ComTrans exhibition. I would like to wish the bus faster to the Conveyor of the Pavlovsky Plant, and in the city routes in the cities and weighs of Russia, the old «Paziks» and the vannybuses-minibuses have passed.

Used Public Photo VK «Moscow Transport — News Monitoring»