Pickup Navara Pro-4X Warrior — Extreme SUV from Nissan

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Japanese autoconecern continues to amaze and admire his fans all over the world. Almost every year new people appear, and what else!

Today we want to present the next 100% masterpiece — a special modification of the Navara Pro-4x Warrior pickamp. Specialists call it an «extreme» SUV, and Nissan positions a car as the best car for heavy, difficult off-road!

This car is designed in the Australian division of the company. And here everything is perfectly understood by the term «off-road»! Unfortunately, Pro-4X is planned to be sold exclusively in the local market. But something suggests: the manufacturer will change its plans. At least in relation to our country. In matters of bad, hard roads, Russia is still «ahead of the planet all»! It is enough just to drive up 100-200 km from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

But let’s go back to the car and see what an interesting constructors of the Nissan autocontraser prepared. The basis of the car intended for extreme driving in the most difficult areas of roads and off-road was the Navara Pro-4X model. But already at the stage of the factory assembly, numerous refinements have been provided. The basis of them was a special kit designed to increase the passability.

First of all, it was decided to increase the hopping of the body. If you summarize this indicator with higher tires, it turns out a significant increase in the road lumen at once with 40 mm (260 mm — total). Also increased an angle of lifting. To enter the obstacles can now be at an angle of 36 ° compared to 32 at the original version. True, the Navara Warrior setting full-size not allowed to increase the angle of the congress from obstacles.

Engineers-designers of the Australian branch of the company shared their opinions about the car. Specialists drew attention to the fact that the constructive changes made made it possible to improve the behavior of the car not only on Kosoyrats, but also even asphalt. The control has become more comfortable, and riding is soft. However, the engine crankcreter and transmission securely protected from possible damage by setting steel 3-mm protection under the bottom.

The engine did not change, as well as the type of transmission. Under the hood 2.3 l 4-cylinder turbodiesel (189l.s.). To choose from: 6-speed mechanical gearbox or 7-speed automatic! The drive naturally complete (connected).

We would definitely prevent such a car in Russia. Agree?

The domestic market of pickups in Russia is small and consists of 4223 from the beginning of the year of the Picap.

The bestseller among them was the UAZ model, which in the first half of the year was implemented in the amount of 1306 units (data AEB). Second place in this segment took

UAZ «Pickup» was leading in its segment and following the first quarter, but then the title-selling rank briefly moved to Toyota Hilux, who held him and in January — April, and in January — May. But the sale of June played in favor of a domestic pickup, which in the first month of the summer has developed a circulation of 338 cars. This bowed the scales in the direction of the «UAZ» pickup on the first half of the year.