Pickups in Russia — demand grows.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Despite the departure from the Russian market, a number of people who liked motorists of pickups (for example, Mercedes Benz X-Klasse), this segment remains quite well filled with different models, including domestic production.

In fact, Pickups in Russia and the world were created specifically as commercial vehicles. But it so happened that they buy such cars mainly private traders. The reasons are obvious — on such a car, you can not only go to the store for products or take children to school, but also to deliver enough heavy and overall cargo by off-road.

Of course, there are no such diversity in Russia as, for example in the markets in the United States or Latin America, but it is possible to buy a pick-up in budget execution, and expensive models.

So let’s see what the domestic car market offers us!

Number is the first price (but not the best in quality) — this is a Pickup UAZ.

The cost of the basic version of the auto-Ulyanovsk manufacturer is slightly less than 1 million. For this money you can purchase a 2.7 liter engine (150 hp), working paired with a manual transmission. There are more expensive options, but they differ only in a set of different options. The motor is the same one and the same, the drive plug-in is also the same!

There is a model and automatic transmission, but the reliability of such a transmission still needs to check the time. But the price is above about 40-45% with the almost complete absence of significant differences from the basic model. Last year, domestic pickups were separated by a circulation of 3,066 copies (according to the association of European business — AEB).


For the price, this car is as close as possible to UAZ Picap. But there are significant differences. First of all, this is the cost-effectiveness of the base model (2.0 l 130-housing engine at the «Chinese» against 2.7 (150) — in the products of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. Another significant difference is in the presence of modifications with diesel engine.

It would be interesting to look at 2 these models more carefully, to carry out a comparative analysis. But this is for future reviews. (However, if someone from readers has an opinion on this matter, it would be interesting to hear it.).

There is one more, more expensive, but not significantly different

Heavy artillery»

Of course, this subgroup includes cars of more well-known, «advanced» manufacturers — European, American, Japanese.

Isuzu D-Max (Japan) is equipped with a 3-liter engine capacity of 190 hp

Transmission selection is provided — 6-speed MCPP or automatic transmission. The car is presented at the domestic car market in 5 options for configuration. This is one of the most popular ISUZU (498 pieces in 2020 according to AEB).

Another Japanese «Player» — Mitsubishi L200

Here the designers have been set to install a diesel 2,4-liter power unit capable of issuing 154 hp. The price of «cheap» models can translate for 3 million rubles. I wonder if such a car will be good in our country and then? Recall that according to AEB data last year, the Russians bought 1,441 Pickup L200 from «Three Diamonds»

Model from VW — Amarok! VW — Amarok.

This is perhaps the only premium model that retained its presence in the Russian automotive market. However, the manufacturer focuses on the belonging to this pickup to the commercial vehicle segment. Last year, VW NFZ division, which specializes in sales of commercial technology managed to implement 825 Pickups Amarok in Russia.


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