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Does KYB have a program of authorization and promotion programs for a hundred and shops?

KYB is one of the first to realize the importance of not only product quality, but also the quality of the services provided. The shock absorber is a technically complex item that works closely with other parts of the car. Quality — yes, important. But it is important and correctly installed the shock absorber.

Due to the installation errors, it suffers both the car owner and the reputation of the manufacturer. The car owner wants a hundred together with the manufacturer of the details of the «pain», and because of the wrong installation, it receives even more problems with which he does not really want to understand. It is easier to broadcast the negative on the manufacturer of parts.

That is why, back in 2006, KYB organized the KYB project project, which over time transformed a little. Now the task of the project is to provide consumers with high-quality service, and project participants — knowledge of work with shock absorbers and kyb springs. It is important to note that the KYB project service is non-commercial. All project partners (and this is a hundred and shops) posted on the KYB website on the interactive map «Where to buy», and also receive a package of KYB advertising materials. But the most important advantage for authorized KYB partners is the confidence of the car owner.

What advertising sales support methods do you use? What kind of help a hundred do you provide?

Kyb occupies a leading position in the shock absorbers market among imported brands. According to the GIPA agency, the spontaneous knowledge of the KYB brand is very high: 12% of drivers called KYB at the first mention, 8% at the second. This is the second result after the original.

The more famous brand on the market, the most likely such promotion tools like PR, communication with the consumer; Support for sales channels prevails over straight advertising. In 2020, in connection with the pandemic, we reduced marketing activity, but in no case were not canceled at all, and in 2021, interaction with distributors to promote our brand intensified. Our loyalty program Kyb Promo for a service station and shops did not stop for a day. Moreover, we have simplified work in the program, and now one hundred and shops simply enter the program and activate points. We have introduced the opportunity to easily «earn» additional points, strengthened communication in social media.

In the B2B segment, we develop trainings, including sales, helping managers to sell our products. Pandemic here made some adjustments, but it is not forever. We will definitely return to the offline trainings. Together with distributors and some partners, we conduct point stock in stimulating sales. To help the STR and stores operate onlineservice on the selection of KYB products, video installation instructions, technical support for KYB personnel.

My main promise is that all our activity in the complex are aimed at improving sales efficiency through the communicative impact on both distributors and partners and consumers.

Recently, KYB announced the withdrawal of the new product category to the market — the parts of the suspension and steering. Tell about it.

KYB has been producing hydraulic equipment for more than a hundred years old and many years retains leading positions among the suppliers of shock absorbers and springs to automakers conveyors and the after-sales service market.

We strive to offer our customers comprehensive solutions, so in our assortment there has always been everything necessary for a comprehensive replacement: shock absorbers, springs, supports of racks, anthers and bumps. Conjugated pendants and steering parts also have an impact on the work of the shock absorbers, so for several years work was carried out on new products, and in 2020 we brought the range of such parts in several countries of the world. In Russia, the start of sales occurred in 2021. We are already seeing interest in our details on the part of the retail, and on the part of the car owners.

For which cars are your pendant and steering parts? And is there a guarantee for the details?

At the moment, on sale more than 800 articles of steering and tips, stabilizer racks and ball supports for Japanese and Korean cars. We intend to actively expand the range. Soon there will be an assortment for popular cars of European brands and domestic cars Lada. The guarantee for details is now 12 months or 40,000 km of mileage when a pair replacement of parts on one axis.