PSH — European leading company on sales of starters, generators and spare parts

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Hello, my name is Mikhail Rommel.

I work in the auto parts business since 1995. Many know me on the market, especially in the eastern part of Europe. In PSH, I am responsible for sales in Eastern Europe and work with colleagues in the German market. PSH is a company with family traditions, very purposeful and flexible in all areas. The company’s management is constantly cared for its employees, and colleagues are always ready to help!

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Over the past two years, PSH has grown noticeably and occupies a leading position in the EU for the sale of starters, generators and spare parts for them. The central office and the warehouse are located in the Netherlands, their own branches — in France, Spain, Poland, China, Taiwan and from 01.07.2021 — in Ukraine.

The company’s warehouses are always in stock 12,000 different types of starters and generators for automotive and agricultural machinery, as well as aggregates for trucks and shipping. In addition to starters and generators, PSH offers professional test equipment for starters and MOTOPLAT brand generators.

Pos Service Holland

09/01/2021 A large logistics center of PSH opens in Poland, in the city of Gdansk. From a warehouse with a total area of 8,500 m² you can more quickly serve customers both in the EU and abroad.

Own brand + line

Over 20 years of experience! Production in accordance with OEM specifications and strict control! High quality products, an average percentage of advertising is 0.7%.

All aggregates are tested on Motoplat’s own equipment.

In the Russian market, we successfully work with the warehouse of our products in St. Petersburg.

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Phone: +7 812 380 91 74


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